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    Quote Originally Posted by erock33 View Post
    After some research I am looking at the Kahr pm9. Have it at a local shop, new, with case and two magazines for $500. Good deal?
    I had a Kahr CW9 about two years ago, and did like the trigger. I kept having feeding problems no matter what ammo/magazine combo I tried. Nice trigger though.

  3. I believe that to many people worry about printing when examining themselves. I carry a Glock 19 in a CrossBreed Super tuck or a Galco Royal guard. I mostly carry OWB in a Blackhawk paddle holster.
    I feel the general public does not go around looking for weapons. If you have a bulge so be it. Wear a printed loose shirt and you will be good to go.

  4. Kel Tec PF9, slim, inexpensive, accurate

    The only issue is that you really have to learn to shoot these guns. You hold it wrong and it'll have a FTE, FTF.

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    Kahrmonger10 says CW 45w/Crimson trace lasergrip. I can hide this thing in a jillion places, and it is never noticed. Has more rail/slide contact than a full sized glock. They run great too. And, no I do not work for the company, but if anyone hears of an opening, please let me know. Kahrmonger.

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    Been carring the Kel-Tec PF-9 and it is very flat. Realiable with just about any round available. Little thinner than the P-11 but not as many rounds. Both are awesome weapons for the money. IMHO
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    Going around the circle...

    For thin, I add my vote to those for one of the Kahrs.

    FOR ME, the two most important criteria for a concealed carry weapon are thickness and weight. Having owned and carried a lot of different guns, I have for sometime been settled on a Kahr P9 for thin and a S&W 637 for lightweight.

    Unfortunately, no matter your decision, you might not get it right the first time. None are perfect. Sometimes you just have to have a basis for comparison to know when you are well off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sFe View Post
    I'm considering a keltec p11 atm. It's 9mm and fairly small.
    I carry the PF-9 everywhere. It really has a very flat profile!
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    Lots of good suggestions. Personnally I love .40 PPS. Very thin and totally reliable.

  10. I'm a noob here, but I have to add to the vote on the Taurus Slim pistols.

    I bought it (PT709 9mm) for my wife but after a few hundred rounds I find I will swipe it from her if I'm out and about. My primary carry is a good bit larger (H&K Compact 45) so the Slim tucks very well in the hotter months in shorts and a T-shirt. Still love my H&K and carry it 90% of the time but if she's not with me and isn't carrying it, the Slim is a GREAT weapon.

    I had concerns about the little Taurus (based on nothing but old rumors) but it has been absolutely flawless to date! I understand they have now released a .40 version (PT 740) in blued and stainless. If I was in the market for another pistol right now, I would pick one up with ZERO hesitation.



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    If you get a chance to fire the PF-9 jump on it!! I think you will be surprized as I and most of the department was. Im 6' and 230lbs and I felt properly armed and the 10 ring was no problem at the 20 yard line'.
    Action Is Always Faster Than Reaction!!!

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