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    My First CCW


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    Hi Bob,

    CC is freakier than OC for me...who knows.

    Congrats on the permit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    Thanks Steve, I guess I prefer CC so as not to attract undue attention from LEO's. (the dreaded MWAG calls)
    I have not ever had a MWAG call on me, but all of my OC has been in AZ, UT, NV, ID, WY, MT,NM and a few other western states.

    Have fun and carry the way you like,


  5. Congrats on your first legal carry! I just started carrying this summer and still have the paranoia symptoms. I guess it is something that I/we will get used to in time. My biggest worry here in Iowa is printing or accidently exposing my weapon when bending over because if they call in on you the sheriff in our county says he will revoke your license. As of January 1st, 2011 they won't be able to do it anymore and it won't be such a worry if I have accidental exposure.

    Good luck and be safe!

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    I too just started carrying, very very nervous. Hopefully it passes soon. Best of luck!
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

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