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    It would seem very hard and time consuming to draw your weapon with both holsters mentioned wearing a T-shirt. A button down shirt this would be great but does not seem to be so great for a T-shirt.
    I don't see this working well with a off the shelf button down shirt maybe with a 5.11 magnet button down shirt. That would allow you to rip the shirt apart in seconds and access your weapon with no damage to the shirt. I just see it taking way to long undo the buttons and then reach in and undo the strap. Let alone if someone got the drop on you and you only have one hand free.


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    Are we sure the OP isn't just posting this for advertisement? :) $55 for a frickin t-shirt? No way for me. I'd rather spend $20 for an Ace Case but I'm perfectly happy with my $40 Kholster. No, I don't work for either of those companies.

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    I have an elastic 5 inch wide holster with "X" type shoulder straps. It is velco'ed for easy on/off. It does the same thing that "T" does and for many dollars less. IMO, it is more heavy duty and it does support my heavier autos well. For "instant" access you can sew your buttons onto the button holes and velcro behind them. That way you can easily and quickly open your shirt. Sorry not to have a name brand for the holster band but it has been several years since I opened it.

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    Ripping off buttons in an emergency would be very easy, you probably wont even notice them giving any resistance at all....

    Whats a couple buttons compared to your life?

    I have 2 of the T-Shirt holsters that Sportsmans Warehouse sold as their own brand, they were on clearance for 2 for $25 I think...... they work well for deep concealment, but I prefer to only carry a micro 9mm or 380 in them, anything else was just too heavy for comfort. (that could be a design fault on these particular ones, maybe thats why they were getting rid of them so cheap)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GETMRUTN View Post
    I have two of the shirt holster that the NRA store sells and they are comfortable and also moisture wicking. Has pockets on both sides and supports the weight of the weapon really nice. But they are meant to be worn with a button down shirt.
    I have some 5.11 button downs where some of the buttons are fake and are really snaps. Makes a hell of a difference in access. Am now talking with tailor in rigging some other shirts in a similar fashion.
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