Multiple State Non Resident (Maximizing coverage)
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Thread: Multiple State Non Resident (Maximizing coverage)

  1. Multiple State Non Resident (Maximizing coverage)

    Ignoring costs for a bit, I'm trying to come up with the best plan to maximize the number of states I can get a non res permit in. I can't currently get a resident license anywhere (thanks WI for sucking).

    Here's my plan, again, not really considering costs at this point:

    New Hampshire
    (above all done mail order)
    Nevada (my dad lives there so I'll take the class/shoot while I'm visiting)

    By my count that will put me at 35 states (36 by end of year as I believe Iowa will honor all out of states)

    Just wanted to see if I missed anything in my research.

  3. i went with PA. will probably send off for FL and UT next month.actually UT wasnt even on my need as much as FL was but it comes as a package deal from seveal places that offer the course so i said what the heck why not. i saw some others i may acquire down the road just to collect a few. but PA covers where i travel for now except Fl. so that was the only reason i opted to add Fl and UT. but it all depends on where you travel most. i have been doing just fine with only PA for a while now and you cant beat that cost

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I just double checked and looks like all of the PA states ares all duplicated with my current Non Res utah Permit.

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    Tennessee , an Florida here it covers all I need

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    Florida is simple and is good now for 7 years. That's less than $17 a year if you get your prints out of state (less if in state).

    BTW, at least you can open carry in WI if you want. Everything's a compromise. But I'll take concealed any day.

  7. We can open carry in WI. I don't do it that often as getting arrested could aversely affect my career (even though it's legal). And our "Open Carry" is really quite bad, can't "open carry" in car, and must load/unload AND put in a case when getting in/out of the car. If I could holster up for the day and be done with it, I would do it MUCH more frequently as I think most others would.

    On a more positive note, we may be on the way to electing a Republican Governor who has stated he will sign a Concealed Carry bill. Time will tell, but I'd bet Illinois is the last state standing on CC prohibition.

    Until that time, I'm "collecting" non res permits to maximize my number of states, even if it only gains me 1 state. I won't apply for 1 that doesn't add a state, but I've applied for a few that only add 1, mainly for the principle of getting "permitted" in as many states as possible. By 1/1/11 I think I'll be up to 36. :) IF WI gets CC, could go up by 4 more (CO, MI, SC usually only honor resident permits).

  8. Forgot to mention. FL cashed my check a few days ago, it'll be joining my UT permit in my wallet, hopefully in a few weeks :)

  9. First I feel your pain I live in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey. At least you can open carry to some extent. Now on to your permits as far as I can tell the only ones worth anything are Florida and Utah. Maine, Nevada etc don't give you much compared to Florida and Utah. That being said Nevada gives you Minnesota which Florida doesn't but Utah does. Utah doesn't give you New Mexico but Florida does. Also Utah doesn’t give you Florida and Kansas but, Florida gives you Utah and Kansas. Confused yet so, in summary living in anti gun states like us the best is Utah and/or Florida. Utah gives you 29 states and Florida gives you 31. If you get both permits you’ll have 32 states. I have a Florida and Virginia permit. Virginia doesn’t give me anything but; I was told that you want to have it in case states drop out of reciprocity. Kind of like carry a backup gun. I think you’d be fine with a Utah and Florida. I will be going for the Utah soon not sure if I will keep the Virginia one or not. Probably will since I went through the process but, if I were to do it again I would have gone for the Florida and Utah only. Well good luck with whatever you do. Good luck to getting CC in WI and maybe it'll be another state I can add to my list.
    If you get CC in WI Illinois won't be the only non friendly CC state New Jerkisatn will stand tall beside them

  10. Agreed, Utah and FL are the best, and I've got Utah, FL is on it's way, some day. I'll probably do the others as well, first of all for fun, second of all in case reciprocity expands, I'll already be covered. I've heard NJ is pretty hard to get a permit. Does anyone get a permit? Or does it depend which politician you know?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by svelectric View Post
    I've heard NJ is pretty hard to get a permit. Does anyone get a permit? Or does it depend which politician you know?
    New Jersey is impossible unless you are a retired policeman and they just started that. I believe you have to have a legitimate reason and no self defense isn't one in their eyes B.S. yea I know. Like people who own and operate gun ranges I think if you have a business, make big money deposits things like that. Not sure but pretty sure they can only carry while working after hours is a no no. As I said retired police just got the right about 10 years ago I think.

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