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Thread: Pocket CC?

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    S&W J frame, Mika pocket holster, and .38 Buffalo Bore 158 gr. loads take care of concealed carry needs.

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    Glock 27 in Don Hume Front Pocket holster. Love pocket carry but obvious problem is sitting down you could be in deep trouble if you need your weapon quickly.

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    I carry a Sig P238 in an Uncle Mike's #2. Works with my vest when I'm on the bike and fits in my back pocket when I don't have the vest. I carry a money clip in the front pocket. This gives me a choice. If the BG has the drop on me, I go to the front pocket for the money clip. If BG doesn't have the drop, reaching for my "wallet" in the back pocket looks perfectly normal.
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    Kel Tec PF-9. I carried originally in an Uncle Mikes size 3 but it printed more than I liked. Recently switched to a Desantis Superfly. It's a snug fit but looks better.
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    With belted pants, I carry a Sig P238 in a Harpoon model pocket holster by Pocket Concealment Systems. With elastic waistband shorts, I carry the P238 in a SmartCarry holster.

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    Ruger SP101 .38, no holster. Speer 38+P LE 125gr
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  8. Kahr P380 with a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. This gun has a great reliability record and had been very dependable. The feed ramp comes highly polished and also came with Trijicon Night Sights. I am going to purchase another pocket holster because the Nemesis does not hide the shape enough for my liking. This gun is easy to control when shooting, but as with most small guns not a real joy to shoot hundreds of rounds at the range. A friend of mine bought the Ruger LCP and it's painful to shoot compared to the Kahr. There's a payoff for weight reduction and you will notice it when you pull the trigger. I also carry Federal Hydra Shocks. The Kahr P380 gets a lot of carry time and my Glock 27 is 2nd with an IWB Cross Breed Supertuck or Galco IWB Skyops.


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    Ruger LCP in an Uncle Mike size 2 pocket holster.

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    Taurus TCP in a Uncle Mikes #3 pocket holster (the #2 recommended size holster was just a bit too tight for positive gun withdrawal in pocket I thought).

    I like the pocket gun size, it works with any wardrobe, no problem as long as there is a front pants pocket.

    My philosophy, if it's easy to carry and not too heavy, then you will, and that's what it's all about isn't it?

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    I carry a Colt Pony in a Done Hume Front Pocket or the KelTec in a wallet holster. I prefer the Pony, it feels like a real gun.

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