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Thread: Pocket CC?

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    Ruger LCP with a DeSantis Gunhide pocket holster that makes it look like a wallet. None of the dreaded "printing". The holster does a good job of keeping the LCP upright in my pocket and it has enough resistance against fabric to stay put when I pull the pistol out. It's what I carry 90% of the time because here in S. Florida I wear shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. That kind of clothing isn't really compatible with larger pistol/holster combos.

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    I carry either my PT709ss or my TCP in a KNJ pocket holster, but I also carry either one in Don Hume or Desantis belt holsters when the weather permits. I carry my extra mags openly on my weak side in KNJ single stack/folding knife covered holsters, and nobody has ever questioned me yet! (Note: I don't have a URL address for KNL Holsters, but their out of Gilbert, Az.).
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by shootin.targets View Post
    What is your experience with pocket size guns for CC? Please detail type of gun & holster.
    Ruger LCP with DeSantis Nemesis. Works great with slacks or shorts, not so much with jeans...unless they are a bit baggy.

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    Pocket Carry?

    For me Ive got a couple of choices but I keep going back to my Kel-Tec PF-11.It is the smallest and flattest 9mm Ive ever used and felt very well armed using it! Ive NEVER had a miss feed with any ammo Ive used. I know......the laser might be a little bit of an over kill but...you never know when a laser might just turn the tables!!BTW How do you like the Brown color?? Have you seen brown yet??

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    In cargo shorts or dress slacks I like my LCR in a Mika pocket holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazyzigzagger View Post
    I like my Kahr PM-40 in a RL Graham Sharkskin pocket holster.
    How does the PM 40 shoot? Would you recommend it over a MK40?
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  8. Taurus TCP .380 in a Kirkpatrick Leather pocket holster. Good access and the pistol just disappears in my front pocket.

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    The lightest 380, Kel-Tec P3AT, I added the hogue grip and the magizine extension.
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    Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace in a DeSantis SuperFly....works great in front pocket of "regular" pants and cargo pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Dog View Post
    In cargo shorts or dress slacks I like my LCR in a Mika pocket holster.
    Last night, I found it also carried well in my jeans.

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