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    Quote Originally Posted by njsportsman View Post
    Nice like it but, I perfer the black. One thing though isn't that a PF-9? Just ordered one can't wait for it to come in should be here by Tuesday. I also got a pocket holster for it. I will post it when I have everything.
    Yes, that is a PF-9. That was my point. If the Newb owns a gun, one would think he/she would know what he bought.

    I'm still waiting to see the picture of your Kel-tec PF-11!
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  3. Kel-Tec PF-9 in a Galco PH460 Horsehide pocket holster. Fits perfect in Cabella's jeans, dress pants or Summer hiking shorts. It's with me everyday. When I go to the range to practice with my full size guns, before I leave I always rip off half a magazine of Speer Gold Dots, just to be sure everything still works. So far 100%. Used to carry a Kel-Tec 3AT in same type pocket holster but I felt it was just too small. Bill

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    Pocket cc

    More of a follow-up question than a response -

    I recently purchased a pocket holster. It is open-ended. The holster is just large enough to cover the weapon and prevent printing. Any more length and it would likely not fit in my pocket. Not 'til later did I wonder if the open-ended holster would more readily allow "pocket lint" to interfere with the operation of the weapon. Ideas on open vs. closed pocket holsters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 74Hawk View Post
    Ideas on open vs. closed pocket holsters?
    I prefer open holsters to save weight and the weapon dries out quicker when exposed to perspiration. I've never experienced any excessive pocket lint issues as you alluded to.

    My BUG is a SIG P238 in a Sig-branded Leather Pocket Holster. In the winter, I merely slip it in my outer coat pocket when outside and transfer to my suit coat pocket when inside. For summer casual wear, it works perfectly in the leg pocket of cargo pants or cargo shorts. I've never had anyone question my BUG so I don't believe there's enough printing to be noticeable.

    The one thing I don't like about the SIG holster is that it's a bit difficult to unobtrusively extract the pistol one handed while keeping my hand inside the pocket. Eventually I'll probably ask Milt Sparks to make a pocket holster for me...if only it weren't for that 20 week wait and the hassle of having to call within the first few hours of the first business day of the month to ensure you're in his queue. :-(

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    Smith and Wesson Model 438 for me. Usually in my coat pocket where I can discretely get my hand on it.

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