Pocket CC?
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Thread: Pocket CC?

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    Pocket CC?

    What is your experience with pocket size guns for CC? Please detail type of gun & holster.
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    G26 in Aholster kydex pocket holster.

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    I have had both the Ruger LCP and the Taurus TCP. They were great guns to carry, but sucked to shoot, at least for me. My hands are large and the guns were just too small for me to shoot effectively. I used both the Uncle Mikes pocket holsters and the "Super Fly" by DeSantis. The Super Fly worked the best. I traded my last pocked pistol in on a new Glock 19.

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    Kel Tec P-3AT, that is a 380 w/Speer 95gr Gold Dots, or hydra shoks, simple soft pocket holster preferably with a rough outside so it stays in the pocket when drawing the weapon.
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    S&W 637, Hornady Critical Defense +P 110 gr, Kramer horsehide pocket holster - small, lightweight, easy to conceal, easy to carry, acceptably (to me) potent.
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    Ruger LCP. No holster. I use a KelTec P3AT belt clip. The pin is a little tight, but it worlks. I did a little work with a hammer to mold the base of the clip to the frame. This is not a requirement, but gives it that "carry melt" feel.

    My hands are large and thick. Shooting the LCP required a few days of practice to master, but now it's a breeze. I have a Crimson Trace laser, which is pretty accurate. Tried an Uncle Mike's #10 clip holster, but it's not big enough for the laser. Also used a Nemesis pocket holster for a short while, but ultimately found it unnecessary in my cargo-style shorts.

    In summer, I wear almost exclusively shorts and Ts. I keep the gun in my pocket occasionally, but usually at either 1 o'clock or 4 o'clock tucked in my shorts. Wore it to church this morning...nobody noticed.

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    I carry a LCP weakside front pocket with a Desantis Nemesis holster since July 2008. Before that I carried a Beretta 921a .22lr also in a Nemesis.

    I don't like belt carry for CC, for me this is the best way to not print and still have ready access to my gun.

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    Ruger LCP. Modified a Galco G919L so my LCP with a crimson trace would fit to carry it inside-the-pants.

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    I usually carry my S&W 340PD .357mag / .38spcl in a soft Uncle Mike's pocket holster ($7.95 on sale) in my right front pocket. It usually servers as my primary and / or backup. That little snubby revolver goes just about everywhere with me....and it's guaranteed to go bang.

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    I like my Kahr PM-40 in a RL Graham Sharkskin pocket holster.

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