Wally world walk
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    Wally world walk

    J-Frame 38 spl +P with CT grips - $600
    1 box ammo - $18
    1 Kholster - $49
    1 GWL - $40 (at that time)

    converting a "good girl" who was raised guns are bad, you dont touch them, you will be scared of all guns and Knowing my wife REALLY has my back if the stinky stuff hits the Prop - Priceless

    Ok so I think we missed a few stops on the walk but we added the mall with spencers and sears's tool section in there.
    "The purpose of war is not to die for your country. The purpose of war is to ensure that the other guy dies for his country." - General Patton

  3. It's a start. Same thing here. When I met my wife she didn't like the thought of a gun in the house. Now she can shoot every gun I own and even has her own.


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