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    My conceal carry permit expired on 7/10 and I just got my renewal in before experation date. This is my 1st renewal. I called at about 1 1/2 months since I put it in and asked the clerk if she knew anything about my renewal. She advised me she did not (after checking) and mentioned that they call when it is ready to be picked up. I called again a few days ago and she put me on hold for a long time and asked me, "was this for renewal or 1st time application?". I told her renewal, which it states this on the app. She apologized and said she would put it in and call me. I just said thanks. Is this the norm or a poorly run clerks office or just a large amount apps that may be overwhelming. Either way I haven't been able to carry since July. I live in Virignia. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
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    I'd put it down government bureaucratic inefficiency.

    I'll be putting my renewal in way early and following up regularly.

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