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  1. In my experience, people trying to sell stuff from vehicles in parking lots are a huge red flag. Just think for a moment, what are the chances of it being legit retail sales (zero) or legit down on their luck people trying to make a buck (slight) or stolen goods (95% likely). Couple that with someone's quick exit from the vehicle towards me would put me into red alert in a very few seconds. Hand on the weapon without brandishing, excellent. Talking about a permit, unnecessary. I probably would have added a "step back' or "you're too close" to my "not interested"...

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    I think I would have called 911 anyway. If the shady characters had wanted to they could later call the cops themselves on you! It's advisable to get a paper trail with the LEO's just in case in instances like this.

    I'm a 66 year old "newbie" on here. When I owned a bakery (before CCW laws) I carried by permission of the local LEO force and had to draw twice. Once to stop a carjacking/robbery on me and the other to stop deadly force aggression at my home.
    Neither time was shots fired. Seeing the firearm was all it took for an attitude adjustment by the BG. LEO's called both times. PTOA (Protect Your Own A$$) is a good rule to live by.

    I'm on about six forums now and like them all. Haven't we all been "newbies" before? When each of us started on a new forum wasn't our post count low a first? I'm beginning to wonder about this site. Did I make a mistake about joining?

    "A free people should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from anyone, including their own government. ~ G. Washington

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    I am still new here also. I have been ccing for 10 years now never drew on anyone and only show my permit to leo. I look at it like this, dopping back and hand at the ready five possition may have fended off a situation. I could care less about being an a-hole I was born and raised one (so my wife tells me). I had a situation like this in the parking lot of my local bank. They were trying to sell suround sound systems. Guy jumps out of the while it was still moving, I swing around the front of my truck hand at the ready. His hands were away from his body and when the car stopped his buddy jumped out and put his hands on the roof (he popped up still in the door opening). I relaxed and now I may or may not have a very nice system.

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