concerning concealed carry from ohio to south carolina
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Thread: concerning concealed carry from ohio to south carolina

  1. concerning concealed carry from ohio to south carolina

    Hello everybody

    New to state of SC
    I have taken ccw course in Ohio, is it transferable to South Carolina

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    Not sure of the particulars but OH has Reciprocity with SC. Which means that they, SC , agrees with the licensing and training the OH has for issue and your Permit is accepted here. Below is the SC State Link. If still in doubt, call your local training instructor listed on the SC State thread on this site.

    South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
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  4. Concerning coming from Ohio to SC

    Ted, I just checked on the SLED (SC LE website) and Ohio is recipricle to SC so SC recognizes your permit. Our laws may be a little different so you may want to go to the SLED website to read the laws. Glad to have you down here in God's country. Welcome, and if you r ever around Oconee county on Sunday drop by my church. Foothills Community Church.

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    Sounds like you MOVED to SC. If that is the case, you'll need to apply for an SC permit, as SC only recognizes Ohio resident permits. I believe that if you are no longer a resident of Ohio, your Ohio permit is no longer a "valid Ohio resident permit" (which is the only kind recognized by SC). Could be wrong, but you probably know that answer.

    Your training may be valid, meaning you only need to apply. But it must fulfill the requirements. Here is what the law says:

    SECTION 23-31-210. Definitions.

    LINK: South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

    (5) “Proof of training” means an original document or certified copy of the document supplied by an applicant that certifies that he is either:

    (a) a person who, within three years before filing an application, has successfully completed a basic or advanced handgun education course offered by a state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency or a nationally recognized organization that promotes gun safety. This education course must be a minimum of eight hours and must include, but is not limited to:

    (i) information on the statutory and case law of this State relating to handguns and to the use of deadly force;

    (ii) information on handgun use and safety;

    (iii) information on the proper storage practice for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that reduces the possibility of accidental injury to a child; and

    (iv) the actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the instructor;

    (b) an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association or another SLED approved competent national organization that promotes the safe use of handguns;

    (c) a person who can demonstrate to the Director of SLED or his designee that he has a proficiency in both the use of handguns and state laws pertaining to handguns;

    (d) an active duty police handgun instructor;

    (e) a person who has a SLED certified or approved competitive handgun shooting classification; or

    (f) a member of the active or reserve military, or a member of the National Guard who has had handgun training in the previous three years.

    SLED shall promulgate regulations containing general guidelines for courses and qualifications for instructors which would satisfy the requirements of this item. For purposes of subitems (a) and (b), “proof of training” is not satisfied unless the organization and its instructors meet or exceed the guidelines and qualifications contained in the regulations promulgated by SLED pursuant to this item.

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