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    There is no requirement for any type of education, and you do not even have to show you know how to load your weapon. Scary. As far as I know the only states more lax than Washington are Alaska and Kentucky, where one does not even need a permit to carry concealed.
    Why do you consider no training required to obtain a Concealed Pistol License to be scary? There is no evidence to suggest that this practice causes any problems at all. There are no more accidental shootings or innocent bystanders getting shot in Washington than in any other state.

    Kentucky does require a permit to conceal carry, and does require training in order to obtain the permit. Alaska, Vermont and recently Arizona do not require a permit to conceal a firearms. In these and other states that do not require training to conceal carry, there has been no evidence of negative effects due to lack of training requirements.

    I am all for getting handgun training. I can't support making training a government requirement to carry a firearm. I don't believe the word trained appears in the 2nd Amendment.

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    Hello, I'm new to this site as well, however it will be very hard to find solid statistics to bolster you hypothesis. Reason being, I have always said the same thing but only find "blanket stats". Gun crimes/violence is usually lumped together. I have yet to find data that differentiates between illegal and legal gun crimes. The way I see it is that individuals whom are "law abiding citizens" generally like to keep it that way and follow the rules/laws. That being said, it doesnt mean there arent people who stray away from that. Your best chance is to go to your local municipality and ask for their records. has pretty good stats but percents are based on population. Good luck.
    You are right about this. There is a correlation, and stats do support the fact that crime is not rising drastically in states that have passed CCW laws. In fact, violdent crime nationwide is dropping. It could be argued that many things factor into those dropping numbers...and that would be correct...however, the point in question is whether CCW laws increase or decrease crime rates in states that have passed them. While there is no conclusive evidence to support that states with CCW laws have lower overall violent crime rates, there is data that shows a correlation, and there is data showing a drop in crime across the board. In the last couple decades, gun ownership by Americans has jumped significantly, with a very marked increase after 9-11. However, crime rates are, overall, lower, or at least not rising. So...the arguement my son adopted is that there is no conclusive evidence to support his hypothesis, but there is data that shows crime is dropping--for whatever reasons. There is also significant data to support the contention that crime rates do not rise significantly in states that pass CCW laws, and the streets of these states do not run red with innocent blood. He did, however, lend his support to the passage of the Brady Bill, in that it requires background checks and balances, which is somewhat effective in weeding out people who should probably not be packing legally. Despite that, he did point out that this Act only impacts the primary gun dealers, not the secondary sources, where 30-40% of illegal firearms, used in crimes, are obtained.

    I do a lot of writing of my own (I've published a few fiction novels, and do a lot of non-fiction writing for different people/companies part-time), so conseqently, I get to read all my son's college papers and edit them, and/or make suggestions. I was really impressed with his paper. He did a good job, and despite not proving his hypothesis, I think he made his point quite clear.

    So...again...thank you to everyone who offered an was appreciated.

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    Vermont has been Constitutional Carry from the get-go. Never needed a permit there.

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