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  1. Hollie1, the law we are discussing is a Federal Law. For more information please read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle2009 View Post
    Hollie1, the law we are discussing is a Federal Law. For more information please read
    So tell everyone else the same thing!

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    The legality of the issue is clear, and this thread has run its course, but I wanted to post the response from the SAF in regards to the GFSZA question. The SAF is listening, not in a big brother way, but in a good way. The NRA has sold us out. They made a deal with the devil (congress) so that they wouldn't be subject to the same PAC rules that limit the rest of the Second Amendment crusaders. Below is the response from SAF in its entirety.

    Mr. Yrxzkc(real name omitted), Please rest assured that we have the GFSZA on our list of things to challenge. Each lawsuit we undertake is taxing in terms of both money and time. We cannot challenge every law at the same time and we've been taking an approach that will let us do the most possible with our resources, getting results step by step. The federal GFSZA, while useless and probably unconstitutional, does not affect as many people as other laws because it provides exemptions for state concealed carry permit holders. Its effects are therefore most felt in the small minority of states where concealed carry permits are hard to get. At this point, we've focused more of our efforts on making concealed carry a reality in those states. To put it concisely, eventually we will challenge the federal GFSZA, but our resources and priorities mean that it will be a while before we can devote the necessary resources to do so. Miko TempskiLegal Affairs Director James Madison Building, 12500 N.E. Tenth Place, Bellevue, WA 98005(425) 454-7012 PHONE * (425) 451-3959 FAX * Second Amendment Foundation Online

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