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    JSDinTexas Guest

    No license or reciprocity?

    Yeah, no license needed, but that reciprocity thing comes in real handy if you travel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsdinTexas View Post
    Yeah, no license needed, but that reciprocity thing comes in real handy if you travel.
    And since you no longer have to take the training in AZ, that's the reason I have submitted my application for the AZ permit....for all of the states that accept it.

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    hahaha got it!

    im new here so yeah go ahead hit the new guy.



    ILLINOIS CARRY. I d like to launch a full out campaign to get carry in illinois.
    read the above post.
    these would be the conditions:(for CCW)

    C. All training INCLUDING THAT FOR ARMED SECURITY is acceptable.
    E. NO BG CHECK.(if you have Illinois FOID card you already passed a BG check)
    F. Picture to be used from ID, DL or FOID.
    G fee of no more than 50 dollars. Renewal after 4 years at a cost of 10 dollars.
    H. For a period of 2 years after the start of the program there shall be NO out of state permits issued however,the state MUST accept any and all permits from any state resident or non resident.
    I. After the 2 year trial, out of state MAY be issued at the discretion of the State .
    j. If no CCW permit is desired from the applicant the applicant SHALL be allowed to "open carry" subject to normal "do not enter" protocols.
    k. Chicago or any other city with a population over 20,000 people may NOT create ANY law or ordinance that restricts ANY of the above nor shall they require any resident to register any firearm.

    I would REALLY like you all to help me get this going here in Illinois. I know its uphill battle but dammit we need this here badly.

    Thanks to all. (including you sarcastic farts hahahaha)

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    Cortchubby: I don't know anything about your efforts, but if you need some advice, you might be able to contact someone at

    AZCDL Home

    That is the organization behind the recent Arizona firearms laws.

    Good luck.

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