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    I alternate depending on what I wear in the summer. I carry a Sigma .40ve. With sweats, shorts, or anything that I can't use a belt to support the gun, I use a SmartCarry Holster. If I wear jeans I use left handed nylon holster IWB in the small of my back and cross draw. Both are comfortable and easily drawn.
    I use to worry about drawing from the wrong location but I can always feel where my weapon is.

  3. I have a S & W 642 Airweight that is comparable in size and weight (maybe even a little heavier) to your LCR and carry it in a Desantis Nemisis pocket holster with no problem, very comfortable and even forget I am carrying sometimes. I just make sure the pants and shorts I buy have large pockets and are loose fitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregory44mag View Post
    Ive been carrying my Ruger LCR .38 + P this past summer using a Galco inside the pant holster. Thank god summer is almost over and I can start carrying my Smith & Wesson .44 mag 329PD with a shoulder holster under a jacket because I can not get comfortable with that inside the pant holster!! Ive tried just carrying the gun in my pocket, but Im allways afraid its going to fall out or my pants pockets are not big enough for the gun. Any one else carry comfortably in summer time and if so how?
    IWB holster.

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    My most frequent carry methods:
    - pocket carry a 380 like P3AT or Ruger LCP
    - Smartcarry wearing sweat shorts or sweat pants with Glock 27 or Kimber Ultra
    - "Appendix carry" the Glock 27 or Kimber Ultra in a clip on Kydex IWB
    More clothing:
    - strong side IWB a Kimber Compact, or Colt Commander

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    My primary method of carry is the Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system. I offers me a way to conceal two spare magazines as well. Not saying it would work for everyone, but hey, I have made it work.

  7. A Crossbreed supertuck with shorts and a t-shirt and a "not-so-compact S&W model 39" is VERY comfortable AND comforting to me.

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    Get a crossbreed supertuck deluxe. you will never complain about IWB discomfort again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    My primary method of carry is the Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system. I offers me a way to conceal two spare magazones as well. Not saying it would work for everyone, but hey, I have made it work.
    Shoulder is the way to go, especially if you have the size to support it. I found a similar "Miami Classic" only in nylon wed offered by Passport. Link below for anyone interested. Price is cheaper and it offers top of the shoulders supports so the cross straps don't cut into you as much. Also like the ability to carry two extra mags. Passport offers vertical or parallel holster.

    Concept 90 Shoulder System
    Passport Shoulder Systems
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    I've been carrying for 35 years. I've found that carry on a separate gunbelt is most comfortable. A number of companies make gunbelts made with 2 layers of leather and a layer of kydex in the middle. I get mine at Looper leather in OKC.

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    All my pants are slightly larger than need be, then again, Im 23, heh all our pants sag just a little...I carry the Smith and Wesson M&P .40 I carry a Galco plastic holster, it sits on the strong side, its comfortable, then again, at times, carrying concealed sometimes is a bit uncomfortable, try getting a pair of pants just slightly larger than need be. It may help a bit.
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