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  1. Quote Originally Posted by weekendskp View Post
    Carrying your sidearm should be comforting, not comfortable.
    I disagree. Carrying can be both comforting and comfortable. I carry in a CrossBreed IWB holster all year round with no discomfort whatsoever.

  3. 1st time poster here; I finally have something to contribute. Last week I decided to try ccw my full-size Sig P220 (West German vintage ). I bought an inexpensive Blackhawk IWB nylon holster ($15.00), #3 for large autos, after using Cheaper Than Dirt's "Holster Wizard" to recommend a holster CTD sells (it came up with an Uncle Mike's holster, but my local gun store does not carry Uncle Mike's. This Blackhawk holster is virtually identical, though) After expirmenting with lots of carry positions, I found the cross-draw position at 9 o'clock, going on 10, to be very concealed with an untucked shirt. I tested the position for comfort over three days, including driving approximately 900 miles, sitting in cramped restaurant booths (I am 6'2", 280 lbs), lots of walking, and lots of stair climbing. I wore cargo shorts without expanding waistband, and pants with an expanding waistband. Both styles were comfortable enough for all-day comfortable carry. I am really pleased with my little "system"!

    I am contemplating trying a Crossbreed Supertuck next with the Sig because I want to tuck in my shirt at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danieljoe1 View Post
    I use an OWB holster, a good belt, and do not tuck in the long polo\button up that I wear with shorts\whatever I happen to dress in underneath. I should also mention there is no reason for me to get dressed up, due to the fact I have no life.

    I forgot to mention that my button ups are short sleeved and dyed to match denim. $10 wally world special.
    I carry a titanium S&W J-Frame .38 SPL +P ninety-five percent of the time as you see it below. In the picture, you can see how long I wear my shirt (untucked).

    The only thing you gotta watch is if you're reaching for something on the top shelf at Wally World with your right hand...the shirt might pull up enough to reveal the bottom of the weapon. I simply reach left handed.

    Pardon the pic quality. I took it with my MacBook by clicking the camera with the mouse that you can see in my hand.

  5. Unfortunately concealed carry is and always will be uncomfortable. I've tried several systems and not a single one worked for me. Even tiny Ruger LCP does not work in the pocket or inside the belt. I'm sort of at the end of my rope as far as finding successful way to concealed carry.

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    What type shoulder holster do u use? Have you tried Alessi's Bodyguard? I her it's very comfortable. Santa

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    I had some one make me a custom shoulder holster for S&W 329PD .44 mag and its great but no conceal unless I'm wearing a big jacket. I have been wearing pants a size larger and with a thck belt my little LCR in a IWB holster is much more comfortable to carry. Thanks to all that answered my post.

  8. Crossbreed IWB AND a belt MADE for carrying a gun, you won't look back. If you really prefer OWB then the belt is still a requirement.
    If you change anything, you've changed everything...

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    G19 in a comp-tac at about 8:00 / 8:30 ( lefty ) works for me in cargo shorts and a tee-shirt. I like the adjustable cant on that holster.

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    If you want to carry the LCR 380 then consider getting a holster for inside the pocket. I use one and it is absolutely the most comfortable , least visible for that type of weapon. I am thin and do not wear shirts outside my jeans. I live in the Phoenix area so light clothing is a must.

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