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    I used white nail polish on the front sight of my S&W 642. I put black on the back sight, but it probably wasn't necessary. I like the idea of neon yellow or orange, though.

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    Florescent model paint works good also. I have some Yellow and Orange that I picked up at Walmart a few years back. Clean it good and use a toothpick to apply the paint.

    Another great product that I've used is Nightsiters florescent dots and strips. I have their dots on a Kel-Tec PF9 that's been on it for years. Nitesiters Night Sights for Handguns !!!Better than Tritium!!!
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  4. Paint for Sights

    My sister once dated an Indianapolis police officer, and he used Testor's model paints. He would clean the weapon well with alcohol, brush on the paint and wipe it off with a dry rage. The yellow worked very well for the sight, and he used red for the branding, caliber and serial number. About every other month, he would completely remove the Testor's paint and redo it.
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    WalMart should have Glowing finger nail polish this week, it's Halloween.

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