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Thread: Getting a FL non-res permit

  1. I got my FL non-resident permit by mail. Passport photo at AAA. Fingerprints at my local sheriff.

    Had to send in the fingerprints twice. At my age the ridges on my fingers are almost worn off. Didn't get good prints the first time. Make sure your prints are of good quality. They're sticky about that.

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    I used my Digital Camera and printed it out on my printer with photo paper. I did it for several pictures for non resident CCW's and Illinois FOID cards never had a problem with any of them..

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    does the photo have to be color? I only have a Black & white laser printer..

    guess its off to wally world or CVS

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    Yes on color and the background is suppose to be a certain color ect.... Just pay the $5 at walmarts. I went to a local photograher. I got 8 total, as I needed a passport and plan on getting a suppressor and maybe sbr my ps90 or my sig 556.

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    Color on white background

    NO sunglasses

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