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    I have family members/friends visiting. If and when we go out and about and I carry concealed do I have to make them aware of it?

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    Absolutely not. Concealed is concealed. Resist the ego boost. Silence is golden.

  5. I would not.
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    Defeats the purpose of CC doesn't it?
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    I can see why you might want to know that. In some states (South Carolina and Alaska come to mind) any time you enter someone else's residence while carrying, you have to notify those residing therein. I know of no state that requires anyone to notify anyone they're with outside of their home.
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    To me that would be like volunteering what kind of briefs I'm wearing. What would be the purpose?

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    He might want them to know just in case he gets shot first that the rest of his friends can grab his gun and defend the rest of the friends. Now with that said I would not tell them cause they don't need to know if I am carrying or not. And if the night goes as planed they will not have to find out that I am carrying. Unless you want to spend the time answering questions about why do you feel the need to carry a gun? The answer I like for that question is it is a whole lot lighter then carrying a police officer on my back.

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    I would agree with everyone. You do not need to let anyone know you are carrying other than you family members (wife and kids).

    And even then since they are your family (wife and kids) they already know that you are carrying.

    Think about your pistol as underware...!

    Would you advertise that you have underware on?

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