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Thread: Semi-Auto or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

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    I personally cc a taurus 605 357 year round. I have 5 different holsters for the one gun. I just use the one that fits the weather. I keep them all in my truck cause I live in Michigan and the weather can change every 5 minutes. I think I like the revolver because it has less parts to hinder the performance. I also had a guy tell me once (may have been a shady type) that it's a pain in the butt to have to look for those ejected rounds after you empty your rig.
    If you get the 357 you should be able to shoot 38 sp also. It's alot cheaper but doesn't give you the feel when you practice. The recoil is horrendous and takes time to get used to. I often have my shooting partner stagger 357 and 38 so I expect the big boom and don't get it and then don't expect it and get it. It works well if you flinch.
    My other theroy is that the boom that comes out of that gun is a good attention getter. I would rather have a bg soil his pants and drop his weapon than have to actually aim center mass. Just my oppinion.

  3. how is the taurus 605? ive heard alot of horror stories about Taurus in general although ive seen some pretty nice models recently but im just concerned about the reliability.

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    No problems with this gun at all and I've put alot of rounds through it. I also have a taurus pt101 I had a problem with it jambing up on the last two shots but that was a problem with th mag.

  5. for concealed carry I like the auto it has more firepower, open carry a revolver may be ok, but I only use the revolver for home protection .44 Red hawk only one shot required

  6. Thanks for the info

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    I know the correct answer to this question is 'borrow different guns and find out what your comfortable with',but in the interest of conversation,here are some options.

    It really doesnt matter all that much what it is,semi auto or revolver.If you take care of it,it will go bang for every possible reason that it should.

    You mentioned some small Rugers,and they have a good rep.Just some other suggestions for reliable guns.Smith&Wesson,Springfeld Armory,Colt,Glock,SigSauer.,Kahr Arms.Do much research,and try before you buy.
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    I can solve this dilema for you very easily, just buy one of each and carry whatever one you want to carry that day. I will swap off between guns that I CC from day to day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestunner View Post
    hello everyone......

    i have a question to ask about a a soon to be new cc and im trying to figure out if i should go with a semi auto or the revolver....
    i know that the auto carries more ammo but for cc purposes which is ultimately the better option.
    Geeze, You keep asking all these really good questions that are hard to answer without biasing.

    I carried a 4" .357mag revolver before deciding to get an auto. I like the revolver for a few reasons.

    Ease of use/reliability: The probability of having a malfunction that can inhibit function is lower with a revolver.
    A misfire condition in a revolver is solved simply by pulling the trigger again, keeping the firearm trained on the target.

    Autos need to be manipulated using 2 hands (usually) to clear a misfire. They come away from the intended target during the manipulation.

    No safety to defeat or "off" when the firearm is needed. Striker fired autos have the same thing going for them, but the above still applies.

    I like the autos for compact size to conceal and capacity. Quicker to reload, God forbid the need arises to use more than the 10+1...

    I keep looking at small J frames for summer carry so I have to say I like the revolver. I carry the auto more, but it is small and easy to conceal. If I do find a J frame I like perhaps that will change..

    My 2 pennies.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Concealed Carry Choice

    I was trained and carried a .357 when in the government (security).

    My ccw is a 5-shot .357. I practice shooting so I can hit targets often.

    If I ever have to use, it'l be all over by the time I've fired 2-3 rounds, so having a bunch of lighter caliber rounds may not punch hard enough. I'd love to carry a .45, but it's more bulky than my .357.

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