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    Hello USA Carry Forum Members

    Greetings from East Texas. I just found this site and this is my first venture here. It looks great!

    I have a Texas CHL and often visit Washington State. TX does recognize WA but not vice versa. I hope to find out whether WA will issue me a non-resident license even though they don't recognize Texas. I suppose so; I'll just have to start from scratch...

    Stay safe!

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    Welcome to the forum from Tampa Bay, Floriduh..
    Let us know how it goes with the permits..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    Apply and let us know how it goes. Even if it goes poorly, open carry is allowed in Washington state so far as I know.

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    Welcome from the Poeples Republic of New York State........... Glad Your Here. If You Apply for Floridas Non-Resident Permit that will give you Wash and, Allot of other States as well. Good Luck.

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    Hello and Welcome from the SC. shore..........
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    WA will issue a non resident, but it must be done in person. Can take up to 60 days I think for non resident.

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    Hey just curious, since TX and WA are not right next to each other how are ya going to get there? Driving or flying? Just asking because the rules for travel might be different.

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    G50AE raises an excellent point. Being licensed at the two end points of a journey is only adequate if you fly between them (and then other BIG issues arise). The best of all worlds is to be licensed (or have a license with reciprocity) in all the states being travelled in.

    As Trophyhunter suggests, a Florida license might be a good solution. Not easy for me, though, if you have to apply in person; I almost never go to Florida.

    Good thing this site makes it easy to cross-reference reciprocities...

    OK, I just checked. WA adds nothing to what TX gives me except itself. Too bad WA and OR don't reciprocate. I usually drive for just a few miles into Oregon (from Idaho) before crossing into WA.

    On that thought, what's wrong with Washington and Oregon? They don't reciprocate with any states either to their north or their south (OK, just south for WA). Sounds downright unfriendly... I can see why CA might be a problem but WA and OR ought to be on the same page.

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    wecome aboard to usa carry

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