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    Custom Leather (Shoulder Holsters)

    Hey all,

    Quick question. I'm looking for a custom leather guy to create a shoulder holster system for me to use as my daily carry holster. I wear a suit and tie to work everyday, so the shoulder holster seems to work well for me. My biggest issue with a Galco system is that I'm a pretty slim guy and my suits are cut pretty tight. My carry weapon is a Sig P239 SAS Gen 2 if that helps.

    Do other folks use shoulder systems, and if so, how do you find they work for you?


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    I use a Galco Miami Classic to carry my Glock 22 along with two spare magazines. Works well for me.

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    How about an Alessi Bodyguard?

  5. Work, so we're talking deep concealment, not quick draw.

    Have you ruled out the tuckable design, called "Undershirt, by Dave Workman (D&D Gunleather) and produced with permission by Mitch Rosen as "The Workman?" If your shirts are not tightly tailored to you, this might be an answer that would allow you to remove your suit jacket when you wished.

    I tend to wear straight cut work shirts, very seldom a suit (I'm in a skilled blue collar field). While I do not recommend it to anyone, and I caution that everyone's physical shape is different, I must admit to carrying a 1911 inside my shirt, behind my hipbone, butt forward, with NO holster, for many years now.

    Dave makes a good holster, and he'd be the first to tell you the Mitch Rosen version is also very good.
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