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Thread: Crossdraw vs. Strongside

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    Red face Crossdraw vs. Strongside

    I have a situation with my right wrist(nerve damage due to collecting a .51 round in my arm in "Nam). I can no longer remove my weapon as quickly because of the pain. I've never considered a crossdraw holster, but I'm open to suggestions.

  3. I have a shoulder problem that makes it difficult to draw from a strongside high rise holster. I use a crossdraw part of the time and find it a little harder to cover than a strongside on my hipbone. I can't reach very far across my body because of my shoulder so the CD holster ends up being in front of my left hip causing it to peek out of my cover. A crossdraw give a straighter grip on the gun prior to drawing if that helps your wrist. Another option might be a horizontal shoulder rig. I have used them frequently in the past before concealed carry was kosher. I'm considering going back to one of these for a Ruger SP101 I've been trying out.

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    Have you tried a shoulder holster?

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    Have you thought about trying "appendix" carry?

    If strong side IWBA is still to difficult, try "cross" IWBA.

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