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    Quote Originally Posted by Confess View Post
    Why not get lots of them!?
    Now that's not a bad idea.

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    I have a Glock 36 as well as a Taurus PT145Pro. Both 45acp. Love the Taurus. Shorter than the Glock but a little wider. Taurus is diffently my daily carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    A .45 is very unlikely to over-penetrate, especially if it's a HP. Unlikely even if it's a FMJ round. If it were to over-penetrate, it wouldn't have enough energy left to harm an innocent bystander. I've heard of it happening only once, and the bullet (FMJ) was found on the floor about a foot behind the victim. And this shooting happened at a very close range.
    This spring I saw an example of not over penetrating. .45 230 gr FMJ went into a full can of outdated Diet Dr. Pepper. When I picked up the can, the bullet was inside.

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    My other Carry
    is a Ed Brown Special Forces

    CHL/CWP Classes
    DPS/BCI/NRA Certified Instructor

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    Quote Originally Posted by DefensiveImpact View Post
    My other Carry
    is a Ed Brown Special Forces


    I keep looking at a Randall Service Model and have to keep telling myself I don't need another full size .45. Willpower is failing though the closer we get to Christmas. Ed Browns just don't fit into the budjet.

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    Just purchased a Colt SS combat commander, what a SWEET 1911. And Ive been asking myself why I waited so long to buy it. Conceals well enough and shoots great!!

  8. I carry a warthog with a rail(Lite hawg)
    Nice little .45 made by para ordnance . 11 rnds of .45 in an officers frame.. whats not to like.

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    I carry my Ruger P345. Nice and thin with the single stack mag. It is a 8+1.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    A G30sf with 9+1, or 10+1 with an extended magazine, filled with Hydra-Shok 185g +P.

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