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  1. .45

    whats a good 45 ccw i already got a kel tec p11 as a compact ccw so im considering a full size but im open to hear about compact 45's also....

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    I'm partial to the Smith & Wesson M&P45. Affordable for that caliber. Kinda big, but I carry it... I also have a Colt Officer's ACP 1911 that I love to carry as well..

    The Smith and Wesson compact 1911 3" barrel is quite nice, but will run you close to $1000.00.. If not for my Colt, I'd have one of those..

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    I CC with a Sig 220. Kimber has many options for 1911 CC. Find one that you are comfertable with regardless. Quality counts. If it fits and works for you then you will carry it.
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    I was doing research on this myself. I have a Glock 30 and was looking at maybe getting a Glock 36. Glock 36 is one of the smallest more affordable .45s you can own (not it is not the .45GAP, but a normal .45 Auto). I read a post somewhere where someone though the G36 was a .45GAP, so I wanted to make sure that was clarified.

    I personally am debating getting a Kel-Tek PF9 for a better option for shorts and T-shirt weather gun. I just don't know if I want to add yet another caliber to my stable.

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    The G36 is a single stack .45ACP. The G37, G38, and G39 are .45GAP versions of the G17/22/31, G19/23/32 and G26/27/33 respectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestunner View Post
    whats a good 45 ccw i already got a kel tec p11 as a compact ccw so im considering a full size but im open to hear about compact 45's also....
    I personally love my Glock 30. About half the time it shoots better for me than my Sig P220.

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    Although I like and have several 1911's, I find the HK USP Compact perfect. The DA/SA firing function serve as a simple though fool-proof initial safety and has ease of accurate followup shots. Also target acquisition and accuracy I find un-rivaled "in my hands"
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    I carry this one 80% of the time Kel-Tec PM9

    the rest is my G36 slim .45ACP

    I would also recommend the springfield emp 40 if you like 40S&W or the micro operator in .45

    or a Sig P250 sub in .45ACP also nice to carry.

    I got all of them and they give me options.

  10. We're all different. One person's perfect gun is uncomfortable for another. I'm a 1911 fan, and I choose for ballistic reasons not to go shorter than a 4" barrel. My Kimber Pro Carry (or a LW Commander) is my chosen compromise. You may choose differently. In fact, don't rule out an alloy framed full sized 1911. Depending how you carry, barrel length may not be a big factor in concealability, and that frame still saves a bit of weight.
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    I have just started carrying a Colt Defender, 1911. Great shooting gun, a bit pricey but it is a Colt.

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