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Thread: Nevada CCW vs. Medical Marijuana License

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    I can't speak to the law in NV, but in Oregon it has been determined that a CHL and Medical Marijuana card are not mutually exclusive...however, in the case of a shooting incident, THC (or alcohol, painkillers and tranqs) in the bloodstream will be considered as a factor in determining culpability.

    My wife is a cancer patient who has a Med Mari Card and uses marijuana to treat nausea, cramps and pain associated with treatment. I work as a volunteer with OMMP delivering medical marijuana to a list of clients, most of whom are older than me and all of whom are legitimately ill and helped by the spite of what some uninformed individuals (some with MD after their names) profess.

    Yes, there are some who abuse the process (like some abuse many prescription drugs)..but there are also many who are legitimately helped without suffering the side effects, interactions or addictions of narcotics.

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    Tramadol is an partial opiod agonist with LESS addiction liability than most regular opiods. I don't see it listed on my reference as a scheduled controlled substance. I don't use it since it isn't in our formulary.

    Diclofenac is another NSAID like ibuprofen, aspirin.

    Your doc is tackling the pain from two aspect, analgesia and inflammation control.

    so for people with MS (painful type too, etc) with simultaneous severe disk disease, who also have ccw's -- we just SOL?

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