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Thread: How many CCW permits do you all have?

  1. I got my az permit during 2011 and it was only a week, now that az is recognized in nv maybe that's why there is more demand and a longer wait time and this is something relatively recent. Why so many, laws change all the time so for example if nv no longer recognizes az, I still have nv.

  3. Not a collector but recognize laws change on reciprocity all the time such as az recently recognizing nv and if it changes all of an sudden I still have nv. By the way I got my nv permit feb 2011 and has to qualify at the range with all guns you want listed on the permit so I listed five semi autos and one revolver (one revolver qualifies you to carry any revolver). July 2011 they changed the nv law , now you can just qualify at the range with any one semi and you can carry any semi and qualify with one revolver and carry any revolver. So although my permit lists specific semi autos with this law change Incan carry any semi even though I have five specific ones listed.

    Point being, why do I have so many ccw is because laws change. I am planning going to Las Vegas during Christmas and wanted to carry a semi not listed so since az is good in nv just recently I was planning to use the az ccw toncarrybthat pistol not on my nv permit but with this change now I can use the nv permit with any pistol and not need the az but ill bring both just in case some uninformed lv cop says the pistol I have is not listed on my nv permit I can show az. I have to go to lv police and pay $25 for a new permit if I want -- optional -- to get the permit to show " semi autos authorized " and "revolvers authorized" . I will do that while I'm there just to have this peace of mind as the nv permit is good for a few more years still.
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    I have my resident LTCF from PA and I have a non-resident UT. This gives me 39 states of reciprocity. The other 11 states either aren't near me or they will never give me a permit (places like NY, NJ, MD, CA, etc.)
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    I have 2; a CO permit and a UT permit (replaced a previous FL permit).

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    Just MI, good in all but 11.

  7. I have WA. and in the process on getting one from AZ. and OR. so when the wife and I travel out of state I should be set.

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    I have a Kentucky and a LEOSA CC permit.

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    NY, Fla, Utah, Maine, NH, CT. Living in the Northeast you need a few to be able to easily travel with your carry firearm.

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    I just have my oklahoma permit. But Im lucky and most states honor it. If im in a state that doesnt Ill carry with LEOSA.

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    Just have my Tennessee permit. Honored in all but 12 states (and DC of course), and I don't care to visit any of those states anyway-- particularly Illinois.

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