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Thread: Where Do You Carry Your CCL(s)?

  1. I have an extra copy of my CCW which I keep over the sun visor of my truck that I can give it to the officer first then ask him how he wants to proceed.

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    I carry a seperate wallet with my CWP and drivers license in my right front pocket.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    If you realy insist you can get one of those neck loop badge holders for your CCW Badge.
    His original post does not have the word "Badge" in it. Why does it have it in the quote on your remark? Your subject states not another CCW Badge post. Did I miss something?

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    What your saying does make sense, I thought about something similar a few weeks ago, while at a gas station if someone asks for your wallet you'll be giving them all your money, Bank Cards, Drivers license, CWP's etc so I went to Walmart and bought a leather thing to put my Drivers License, Bank Card, CWP's in and keep it in my right front pocket, my wallet is in my left front pocket with very little cash.

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    I carry mine just like you do, wallet, behind my Drivers license. I wouldnt hand over the whole wallet, I would only hand over what ever cash I have, toss the wallet on the ground and draw my weapon, if you have to use your weapon, your money is on the ground, wallet as well, and possibly a dead/injured BG.
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    In a hidden pocket in my wallet; not obvious, but always with me...

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    Indiana's License to Carry is simply printed on flimsy paper. Most folks around the state, including me, just copy their license, and stash copies where they feel appropriate. The state doesn't have a problem with it. There are no watermarks, or other means of identifying the original.
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    I laminated mine.

  10. As others have said...right behind drivers license facing opposite direction. LEO's are the only ones that will ever see it. A bg is going to see the cash and credit cards and I highly doubt he's immediately going pull out the drivers license before the going for cash or cards. But I am thinking of getting one of those flip wallets with a ccw badge...

  11. Mine is in a separate business card case along with my license kept in the bill section of my wallet, since my bills are in a clip in my pocket. That way, the license and permits are always together, but can be easily separated from the wallet.

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