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Thread: Where Do You Carry Your CCL(s)?

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    Your "memory train" had better be in gear. If you start to change where you keep the license and you are so used to carrying it in your wallet, you may find that you can easily forget it when you rush out of house. I will go out of my house for a walk and not take my wallet and then realize I have my CCW and no ID--very easy to do.

  3. I keep mine in with my DL. Most badguys are going to go for the cash and credit cards and aren't going to notice your CCL and by the time they do you should have already drawn down or sought cover. You think things through way too much dude, keep your thinking and training simple and straightforward cause when it hits the fan you are not going to have the time or the ability to do anything but react with your most basic level of training. Preperation is good but any plan that you might have come up with before hand will go right out the window, it happens to everyone. Your fingers wont work, your heart will be pounding out of your chest and you will develop tunnel vision. Keep things simple and go to the range as much as you can and you will be better than most people that carry concealed.

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    Thanks for all the comments/suggestions. I had purchased a wallet with two ID windows...while I'm not one to "flaunt" my CCP, I had it visible in a window along with my Driver's License. I think I'll move it to behind the DL (reversed) as suggested. Therefore, it won't be forgotten (if in another carrier), it will be available for LEO display (if necessary), and I'll reverse it so it won't be obvious for what it is if DL is removed for any reason. I think in its place in the display window I'll put a "Playmate" picture. It may create just enough of a diversion for that flight or fight response advocated by ArmyRanger, above (since I wasn't aware enough to avoid the situation in the 1st place!)
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    I keep mine in the cheap leather wallet from walmart. It stays behind my DL in a pocket that you have to be looking for to see. I was keeping it right behind my DL in the same pocket but that did not work out so well. In NH our permits are cheap printer paper and what happend was my change of address I wrote in with a sharpie rubbed off onto my CCW.


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    Behind the DL and next to my former work ID. Florida's CWOFL is almost as thick a plastic as our DL is and the same size.

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    +1 in the wallet behind the DL. Not visible unless you pull the DL.

  8. Where to carry your CCL

    Hey, last time I heard you don't even need to show your CCL. Unless asked...
    You show your DL and announce that there's a loaded gun in your car. Stormtrooper should be able to tell from your DL that you are a licence holder.
    If not, he'll just ask for it. Politely, i'm sure....

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    Nearly everyone carries theirs in their wallet behind their DL, I do too. I won't give up my wallet under any circumstances, so that is where mine lives, right next to my NCDL.
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