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    College CC Petition

    Not sure how this will work with out of state signers, but a good way to get things started?

    ODU (VA) students gathering petitions for student carry
    ODU students petition to carry weapons | | Virginia

    They want 5000 signatures on the petition:

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    fixed the link for the petition...

    3:14 pm November 10
    Joe D
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  4. Good luck, man. I'm helping out with SCCC down here in Texas. It looks like we might actually get a bill passed this year. Probably a more uphill road in the state with VT, even though you'd think it would be a massive case in point.

    I think education is key for an issue like this. We did a couple of polls at UH, and found that the vast majority of people who opposed CC on campus had never fired a gun before, had no idea what it takes to get a CHL, etc. Most of the people I talked with in depth about the subject came away far more open to the idea. It's just that most people automatically think guns = violence, and cling to the irrational belief that personal security is the job of the police.

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    Well, as they say "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away"

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