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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman1911 View Post
    Seriously though. The poster's commentary on the event is, at it's very best, nearly unintelligible. There is ZERO punctuation, not even a period. The whole collection of what SHOULD BE paragraphs and dialogue runs on as a single badly constructed sentence. So, I am going to go out on a short, thick limb here and make the assumption that, based upon what we have tried to decipher here in written prose, the poster wasn't communicating effectively with the officers on scene.

    Effective verbal and written communication is a MUST.
    I agree, and I have on several occations politely sugested to other posters that they edit their postings to make them more readable.

  3. Was very upset when i posted this

    I posted this the night it happened, I was very upset the way I was treated. I would like to say that i was'nt yelling and screaming when the female officer approached me I had my wallet in one hand and my ccw license in the other hand trying to hand it to her as I was instructed in my ccw class.She was not trying to hear anything I had to say. The other police that arrived on the scene first were pollite and had already talk to me in a professional manner.She didnt not address the reason that I called the police in the first place.I have alot of friends in different citys that are police officers and her conduct was very unbecoming of an officer. First of all i was not storing my firearm in a car i just purchased the firearm and was planning of using it.I was going to take my wife to the shooting range and went in the house to get her when the firearm was stolen.This isnt the first time i have dealt with this officer and both times she was very disrespectful.It is funny to me how the first three officer who approached me didnt have a problem with my demeanor and she did.She was the one yelling at the top of her lungs snatching on my clothes. Was the search necessary when i already identified my self to her as the one with a ccw license and my firearm wasnt even on me at that time.Im sorry that you guys miss understood me but there were two different episodes.The first one was where my car was broke into after purchasing a firearm for my wife and i called the police.The second was where i returned home to find out that my nieces baby's father had forced his way into my home i was not there when this happen.I just pulled up when this was taking place,then i told him and his friend to leave and I called the police after I was threatened I'm forty years old and have heart problems they were in there late teens. I blocked them in because they were trying to leave after i called the police. And to the person who told me to stfu i thought freedom of speech was in the constitution maybe im wrong,but how can I identify myself with out speaking duh.It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see if i already passed three officer before she came to the scene then it is obvious that i wasnt the threat.And also why did she run a check on me when i was the one who called and to do it twice it was over kill.Unless you was there to see how i was treated you will never no the whole story and its funny that all my nieghbors that came out are going to court as witnesses.But thanks for the comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Montgomery View Post
    ...and its funny that all my nieghbors that came out are going to court as witnesses.
    So, just to be clear: your new gun just purchased that same day got stolen off the front seat of your car while parked in the driveway and you are being charged with something after an altercation with the police?

    Does that basically summarize the facts as you know them?

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    The one thing I can speak to in this "incident" is the fact that she ran a check on you...probably for the same reason that in any given situation where someone was going to be arrested and cuffed, I would pat them down and search them again, even if I had just watched another officer search them. My safety was MY responsibility.

    Possibly she was being thorough and running you through a secondary database, or calling up information ON YOUR LAST CONTACT. It could be that she remembered YOU from your first encounter with her, and that one didn't go so well so she was getting her ducks in a row. Who knows. Attitude determines altitude. I am guessing you were probably sputtering and huffing and taking out your frustration on the officers that YOU called based upon the lack of communication skills you have so ably demonstrated here.

    As I have said cops are human, and not perfect by any means. Personally, I got tired of being called to a scene and having to deal with attitude and hostility FROM THE PERSON WHO CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE. We are not Jedi, and we can't use the force to discern who is on the dark side until we have had a moment to assess the situation at hand. It is part of the job of every cop to have people TRY to use us as their emotional tampon or to mediate schoolyard style disputes between alleged adults.

    If you have an encounter with an officer that ruffles your feathers or hurts your tender feelings because we couldn't use our ESP to divine your emotional state, or to omnisciently know that you are a shining example of the model citizen, or to make you feel better, or to get your stolen items back that YOU left in your car and vulnerable to theft...IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER. Then I apologize for being human and less than Yoda With A Badge.

    You want help or advice about a situation that you have not effectively or completely articulated. It appears that the ONLY thing the female officer in question failed to do was handle you with warm and fuzzy hugs. As you related to us: We weren't there, and I am further going to assert that had one of us been there...especially another LEO among us...we would have a whole different take on the story you relate, and would probably understand why the female officer did everything she did during the encounter.

    I am done with this one.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Rule #1 - The LEO on the scene is in charge and he/she should be respected and afforded absolute cooperation
    Rule #2 - Read rule #1

  7. walter montgomery

    dude,your post was horrible. from what I decifered , you are not telling us the whole story. And I do not think the leo's were acting improperly.

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    Sounds like all you want, is us to bash this Leo.
    So here goes:
    ***** should be kicked of the force.
    Sue her for everything she has.
    Tar and feather her.

    Is that better?
    "The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson 3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

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    Even as a retired US Army Non-Commissioned Officer and now as a Civilian, my BS meter is pegged on ths one. My advice: Get out of that neighborhood...jeezz. Breaking into cars..(probably unlocked). Then home invasions. RUN AWAY..lol
    "I got you in a Stranglehold, baby. And then I crushed your face" -Ted Nugent

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    Call me paranoid, but every time a see a first post like this I call BS troll. I'm not as nice as Luke. If I'm running this board and see this as a FIRST post, I'd simply going to delete it and let the OP try again at a later date.

    Giving benefit of the doubt, my advice is to follow all legal avenues and file another complaint. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    Call me paranoid, but every time a see a first post like this I call BS troll. I'm not as nice as Luke. If I'm running this board and see this as a FIRST post, I'd simply going to delete it and let the OP try again at a later date.

    Giving benefit of the doubt, my advice is to follow all legal avenues and file another complaint. Good luck.
    I agree, at least twice I have had people flame me on their first post.

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