Hunting with concealed carry
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Thread: Hunting with concealed carry

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    Hunting with concealed carry

    I'm pretty sure i can carry while I'm out hunting, but do I have to carry concealed, or open? I live in Michigan. I found some sites a while back concerning this issue but I am having trouble finding more sources.

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    As in Most States, You Can Carry Open While A Field. But, as you Approach your Vehicle or,Road Your weapon must be Concealed. Most Troopers and or, Game Wardens are very Leaniant on this Issue. But, Open Carrying while hunting is Legal. If you deciede to go into town to eat you must comply with what your permit states Concealed or,open. You can find all these regulations on your states Hunting Regulations web site

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    In South Carolina you can OC while hunting if you have a hunting licence. If you don't have a hunting licence, you should not be hunting as you are breaking the law, and open carry would also be illegal in that case. Stopping to buy ammo at J-Mart, gassing up your ATV at Gas and Run's, and going through the drive through at McDowell's are not hunting even if they are part of your trip afield.

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    In Florida -
    Open carry ONLY during gun season,
    Concealed Carry ONLY during Bow season,
    Either during fishing..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Interesting in Texas - during archery only season (I got an 8-point with my crossbow a couple of weeks ago - sorry had to brag) you can not carry any firearm UNLESS you have a concealed license, then you can carry concealed.

  7. In arizona, CC during bow season is a big no no. Also at night if you are useing a artificial light. Example:: Drivring down the road looking for your camping group camp site. All your camping gear in the truck. using spot light (flashlight also) . Any loaded weapon in the truck. And regaurdless if it is on the bottom of everything or not. you will be cited for jack lighting. This is fact!! because this happend to me. while unloading the truck with the group. Game and fish arrived Asked me what I thought I was doing useing a light? waited for us to pull my pelican case out. Show them my guns. 2 guns in case. Elk rifle was unloaded no problem. my camp gun ( 870 20 inch barrell, loaded with 8 in the mag. 6 in the side saddle. nothing in chamber) loaded. I was cited, convicted $140 something fine.

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    Ya. assachusetts, no no too. That's why I like Maine. I stay on my 45 acres and do whatever the hell I want to.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

  9. Carrying while hunting in MI

    I live in Michigan, and yes, you are allowed by law to carry you pistol if you have a CPL license. You can also carry while hunting on public lands. Check this website, it has a lot of good info and adresses a lot of questions that CPL holders in MI have: MSP - Firearms

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