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    Arrow Backup is not throw down.

    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Errrr, is a back up similar to a throw down? Also not sure why some would have a back up.
    No, it's not even close.

    Gunwriter Massad Ayoob quoted another gunwriter as having said, "If things have gotten so bad that you need a firearm, they might be about to get worse to where you need a second one." Ayoob's writings on backup guns have convinced me that the concept has a lot of merrit. If you and your unarmed buddy get stuck when TSHTF, you can hand off your backup to your buddy. Or if you have a malfunction, sometimes going to backup is the best option. Jim Cirrillo coined the term NY-reload as drawing your backup instead of reloading because it was faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Errrr, is a back up similar to a throw down? Also not sure why some would have a back up.
    For me a backup is about accessibility. I was recently held up at gunpoint and the G23 on my hip was simply inaccessible w/o being obvious. A back up gun, either in the pocket or small of back would have allowed me to defend myself as I reached for my wallet. Thankfully all he got was a nearly empty money clip.

    I'm now carrying a Sig P238 either in my pocket or small of back (depending on what I'm wearing) as an alternate to my Glock.

    So, maybe you have a point - it isn't a backup, it is an alternative method of self defense.

  4. I bought my Bond Arms snake slayer last year .45/410 it' build like a tank but IMO it's the best derringer made, and it's made to last and is too heavy for a ankle style carry. Plus with Bond Arms you can buy, I think up to 18 different Barrel for $139. I purchased 40 cal and it still recoils quite a bit. But they are a LOT OF FUN TO SHOOT. The BAD Driving Holster is real nice also.

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    I carry guns in pairs. I started doing that 35 years ago. A good friend's father was a ww2 vet and long time pawn broker. He said that having a plan "B" was always a good deal. He said, "carrying guns in pairs avoids confusion when things get interesting. Also, if you are down to your backup gun, you are probably in more trouble than you were in when you started, so you need a bigger gun, not a smaller one.
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