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Thread: CCW May Issue - How can that be legal?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by r40x View Post
    Move to a freedom loving state and leave the BS behind.
    There is something called the distilling effect. When you distill water you get pure water coming out, but you also concentrate the crap left behind. Unless you think CA politics have no effect on the rest of the country, a stay and fight tactic is about the only solution. Besides. I've traveled a lot. I've never seen a state more worth fighting for than CA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidewinderaz View Post
    I like your attitude G50AE and I agree completely. Seems the NRA gave up on CA years ago. But not so with some other groups out there. The media and politicos are trying to divide against each other too. They try to pit hunters against the CCW crowd (or have in the past). But now they're pissing all gun owners off with their senseless and stupid ammunition laws.
    Well the thing is, the California Rifle and Pistol Association, basically the state level of the NRA in California, would not exist if everyone just gave up and ran. Stay and fight. Join up with guys like Jim March.

  4. I live in Sacramento County, and I just received approval for my CCW (never in a million years thought it could happen here). Sacramento is the first county that the Calguns Foundation has "persuaded" to go Shall Issue. A number of court cases are proceeding that will eventually (no more than a few years) lead to Shall Issue across all counties in CA.

    The politicians here will never pass a Shall Issue bill, but it doesn't matter. Court rulings will force all Sheriffs in CA to comply with a Shall Issue style of issuance.

    Before you decide not to apply, be certain that you haven't been misinformed about the CCW issuance in your county.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
    I am new to this forum.
    I have been wanting to purchase a handgun for personal protection when I am out of the house, but like so many, I have discovered that I am likely to be denied a CCW permit by my local and state authorities.
    I live in California.

    What seems odd to me about a CCW permitting policy of 'May Issue' is that even if there were validity in the argument against abiding by the law of the land and the 2nd amendment, there would seem to be a serious issue with the now well accepted 'civil rights' (And why not use the law to advantage?).

    I feel that it is a certain violation of the 'civil rights' of equal treatment under the law. If one person is granted fire power and I am denied the same and thus forced to remain unarmed and hence more vulnerable to slaying, than I am being treated as a second class citizen. My right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is being denied, thwarted, curtailed, cut off, and Black's dictionary. I am being <singled out> for culling. I think that's illegal or unlawful in every state at this time.

    If it was a 'Will Not Issue' situation, maybe the argument would be weaker, but that is not the case in my state of California. 'May Issue' is either arbitrarily or intentionally preferential in its results and that is unlawful.

    [What I am suggesting is that there is no need to argue 2nd Amendment in order to show that "May Issue" is a violation of Civil Rights and does not provide for Equal Protection Under the Law.

    Law enforcement obviously is unaffected by this argument, but everyone else that may be granted or not granted the permit is.

    I am sure I am not nearly the first to question along these lines, am I?
    What do you think?
    You can thank the liberal left... The Constitution ignoring, Bill of Rights trampling socialism supporting, gun banning, Soros & Obama agenda embracing liberal jackasses who have been re-interpreting what the "Right of the people" really entails...
    I feel your pain...

    MA has the same type of ********* disregard for peoples rights as CA does. It was the luck of the town and Chief of police... Our Chief is a advocate of personal rights and issues to those who have no preclusion... Unrestricted Class A LTC. My friend and co-worker lives in another town and the chief there refuses to issue without restrictions. Another co-worker and friend was told no Class A LTC would be issued.

    We have a way here to get around the chief if there is a refusal...

    Look into the laws and see if there is a means to get around a refusal at a local level and go over heads if need be...

    Fight the fight and good luck...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JRM View Post
    Congrats on receiving your CCW Love62!

    LIke you I live in Riverside county and as soon as I purchase my second weapon, I'll be applying for a CCW. But I've always heard you need a better reason than just "to protect myself". Can you give me any help in giving the best responses on my application?

    Tell them you are a business owner that carries cash. That is what I said here is sac. They were more interested in my background check. The reason just to be legit and other than "it's my right"or" for safety". But my business never got going and they didn't even check. I just was very vague and used the less is more in answering that question. Also do some research in you area, talk to people who have ccw, people at the ranges, people who give the ccw training they can tell you what to say. I was told by a gun shop owner what to put.

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    May Issue

    Iowa recently passed a "shall issue" statute that goes into effect January 1. They may issue laws around here just gave the Sheriff carte blanche to turn everyone down they didn't feel needed a permit. It was so bad in some counties, even deputies couldn't get one. There has been a big whining fit since passage of this new law, and some Sheriffs have flat said they wouldn't follow the new laws. They are slowly coming around and I even got certified to teach the permit to carry classes here. The general excuse for these sheriff's is that they "know their people and who should and shouldn't have a permit". One county Sheriff told me there have been instances where someone wants to apply for a permit who has been arrested several times for domestic violence. However under the law these people shouldn't be able to own, much less get a permit to carry, which was my argument. The answer was that they were never convicted. How is that my fault? I have a clean criminal record and this particular Sheriff wouldn't even allow me to apply much less get a permit. Oddly this practice is illegal, but no one would do anything about it. The new Shall Issue laws here are welcome to say the least.

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    CA CCW Support

    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Well the thing is, the California Rifle and Pistol Association, basically the state level of the NRA in California, would not exist if everyone just gave up and ran. Stay and fight. Join up with guys like Jim March.
    I understand and completely agree. I do support the CRPA with donations as my time is very limited. And I am a NRA Life Member, but still haven't seen much activity from them here in CA except when they are campaigning for donations or asking for donations to support candidate "X". What I have observed is that the smaller organizations (who have their donation hands out too I might add) seem to be a bit more proactive than the NRA has been. But I guess all this could be a topic for another thread. I support the local Sheriff who is very good about issuance of CCWs here in Tulare Co. Their association has one of the few public rifle and pistol ranges in the area (and a pretty cool outdoor paintgun course too I might add ).

    No, I'm neither giving up or running away. I choose the organizations which will IMO benefit us with their unwavering support of our Constitutional rights on the national AND local levels. The NRA (nationally) has been fence sitting or on the wrong side of some issues or at worst so ambiguous in their position as to confuse their members as to where they actually stood. I won't cancel my membership but will voice to them my displeasure at how they have handled certain issues.

    Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have one.

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