I am SO psyched up. I just joined Shooters World in Phoenix. I have gone about 3 times with my Sr. Pastor/friend who is a member. They are opening a second location nearer to me and they are running a special. I took it. There are two notable clubs in Phoenix area, Shooters World and Scottsdale Gun Club (which is a more "upscale" club. I went into SGC (Scottsdale) last week and was treated HORRIBLY while looking for a new holster for my 2022 and then went to SW (shooters world) after and was treated like a king. Shawn is my favorite guy at SW, he said each employee eats, sleeps, and bleeds guns, Many of their clientelle are former cops, current cops, and the like. With my membership I got: a free SW tee-shirt, 1 month free (on a year) can add kids free (my only kid is 21 now) entry into a new member raffle (held on the grand opening of the new location) SW range bag, and a choice of firearms training course free. I was thinking I might take the CCW class but the lady registering me suggested I use it for a more expensive class. The CCW is $60 and the tactical training classes can cost $175+. Bummer thing is their picture ID machine is down, so I gotta wait until they get it fixed. BUT, I am important now, I am a MEMBER, LOL.

My goal is to shoot at least once a week.There are other benefits but too long to list. I don't want to make this a novel.

Any other SW members here? Lets meet up for a day of shooting.