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    Has anyone tried the "Superfly" pocket holster for pocket autos? Just wondering what you thought about them and are they really as "sticky" as advertised?
    I have a DeSantis "Superfly" for my Walther P99 and so far I'm not very impressed. The added bulk and weight of the supposedly sticky material doesn't seem to be worth it so far. Unless the corners of the holster are wedged where they will physically catch in a corner of the pocket, the holster comes right out with the gun. I've tried it in jacket, chino and jeans pockets and so far it is not living up to its name.

    By contrast, I have a leather and cotton duck wallet I bought from Duluth Trading and even empty that sucker has to be dug out of my front pants pocket, literally bringing the pocket lining with it when it comes. No thief is getting that wallet without a struggle, but the "Superfly"? Slides out like it's been greased.

    It also very heavy and bulky. It does well to conceal the contours of the pistol, but it definitely prints. Folks may not know you're carrying heat, but they will know _something_ is in your pants. Something larger than a wallet or a phone. It's not subtle, is the Superfly.

    On the upside, retention is great and the holster does provide a fair amount of protection for the pistol. It's currently tasked with keeping my Walther comfortable and secure while overnighting in my bedside table drawer. I may also find other uses for it, but it is not a very good pocket holster. IMHO, you should save your money and spend it on something slimmer and lighter - and cheaper.

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