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    Does anyone here cc in their church? I am a deacon at my church and asked my pastor a while back how he felt about one of his parishioners carrying a concealed weapon, and to my surprise this was his answer: "I personally would not condone it, but if someone were to conceal carry I wouldn't know about it now would I"? With that said, another deacon of the church and myself have taken the cc class and will have permits within 60 days or so. We have had (as I'm sure any church has) some very interesting characters to just waltz up into the sanctuary in the middle of service and caused some uneasy feelings at times. You never know what people are thinking and what state of mind they are in these days, whether it be for spiritual help or a personal vendetta against the way/WHO you worship. Granted God will protect his people BUT He also gives you a brain and the means to use self defense should the need arise.

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    In some states Churches are one of the "exceptions" to the carry permit laws. Other states require you to be part of the "Church security detail" or have writen permision, or other sillyness. A Church is a business just like any other, IMHO. If it's no big deal to carry into the Goodwill store or the local mall, why should the Churches be any different?

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    Fortunately, my home state (Indiana) does not list churches as being one of the locations that are off limits. However, the part of Indiana in which I live (Gary, located in the Northwest corner of the state) is vehemently anti-gun, and I'm certain that asking my pastor would almost certainly result in him saying no. So yes, I do it (legally, I might add), and until there is a sign posted or someone announces that it is not allowed, I'll continue doing it, and no one will ever know about it.
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    There is a very long thread on this topic already.. You will see lots of posts on the subject..

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    Yeah, duplicate thread....

    But who cares, we can have two, right?

    At my church The Sr. Pastor carries, the worship pastor carries, about 7 of the members carry, and I carry.

    If a BG comes in, like many have done in the last few years to get revenge on the pastor or someone else, it would be a very bad day for them.

    Coincidently, we all sit in different areas of the church, mostly by the exits.

    Our Sr. Pastor actually lost one lady who found out he is an NRA member, and "gun nut" and wrote him a letter saying she could not worship there anymore. it was very heart breaking to him, but he put it nicely, if he changed his life on the whim of others, he wouldn't be a good pastor would he?


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    Post Thanks!

    Sorry, I didn’t realize there were other threads in regards to this subject...guess I should have researched a little bit before posting ...kinda new at this actually. I appreciate the feedback so far as I wanted to get others views and opinions as to what they think and how they "carry" in their church/s. I have an XD40 subcompact with a CQC Serpa holster and was concerned about printing. I guess if you wear a suit/sport coat you could always keep it buttoned up there's not too much to worry about, or is there?...what do you all recommend?

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    As previously stated, it is important to know your state's law on carrying in church. I live in Ohio where you must be given permission. Our church has a security group who do carry at each service. These individuals work together on planning and processes so that an incident does not turn into the gun battle at OK corral. The also do much more than "securty", being centered on ministering to individuals as well.

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    Right. I live in NC where it is legal to carry in a church as long as there isn't a daycare or school associated with the property. We do have guys that 'act' as security and will check the property/doors during service but that is about it. I like the idea of having 'processes' in place to deal with a situation should the need arise though. As far as I know the other deacon and myself would be the only two that will be carrying...he sits on the front row right in front of the pastor and I sit in the sound booth all the way in the back on a platform about 4' above the congregation (perfect for observation). Thanks for the seems the other deacon and myself need to have some discussion on what our plan would be in case of an altercation...after all being prepared is half the battle right?

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    Daven, that is awesome! Sounds like your whole church leadership're right, that would make a VERY bad day for the BG!

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    I personally think it is fine if you carry in Church... its been proven that they are not off-limits to those that want to kill or do harm to others.

    If the pastor doesn't forbid it, and the law doesn't either -- then I would do it. If any members of the congregation EVER have to see your gun, they'll be glad you had it!

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