Who's Carrying The Glock 21SF?
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Thread: Who's Carrying The Glock 21SF?

  1. Who's Carrying The Glock 21SF?

    I'm a fan of the 45. I own and carry the S&W M&P45 and the venerable 1911. I want to get into a high capacity 45 and plan to buy myself a Glock 21 SF for Christmas. I was just looking for some insight from those of you who carry the 21. What carry rigs are you using? What tweaks have you had done to your pistol if any? I am comfortable carrying the full sized 1911 IWB and I think I will adjust to the slightly larger 21. Any advice Glock 21 SF fans?

  3. My EDC is a Glock 21. I have been carrying it for about a year now, and I love it. I haven't made any modifications to it. I did switch from IWB to OWB a few months ago and I'm much happier. I carry in a Blade-Tech Eclipse holster

    Eclipse Series Holster :: OWB Belt Holsters :: Blade-Tech Industries

    and the forward cant does an awesome job keeping the gun in line with my body and keeping the gun from printing.

    As far as advice, all I can offer is what I have been doing myself. Shoot it. Shoot it. Shoot it.
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