Are IWB holsters comfortable?
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Thread: Are IWB holsters comfortable?

  1. Are IWB holsters comfortable?

    Are the IWB holsters comfortable to wear as you go about your day walking and sitting down. Or do they limit the things that you can do?

  3. I guess it depends on your build and what you are carrying. I am still looking for a comfortable IWB holster. You do have to change the way you do things.

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    I'm a smaller framed guy who carries a Glock 23 all the time in a CrossBreed Supertuck and love the hell out of it! As I write this, I am carrying and sitting sideways on my couch with my feet up. Even being slightly pressed against the couch, I barely know its there. I've tried a few other brands but so far this one works the best for me. The ONLY issue I am trying to figure out about the Supertuck is keeping it in place and stop from sliding backwards.
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    I have to agree buckslayer, the crossbreed is comfortable as is the DC tuckable by

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    This only my own opinion, (and I own three of the darned things!) - No their not comfortable! Anything you stuff down your pants that isn't supposed to be there will be uncomfortable...
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    I'm with Ed, IWBs SUCK!!! But a neccesity at times if you want to always be CCing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    This only my own opinion, (and I own three of the darned things!) - No their not comfortable! Anything you stuff down your pants that isn't supposed to be there will be uncomfortable...
    WORD! I suffer with the discomfort anyway at times. Stupid me huh?

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    Honestly, I have the Crossbreed Super tuck. I love it, at times I forget that I have it on but be aware that you will have to adjust it for what is best for you.

    Also be aware that you may need to buy a little larger pants. If you wear tight pants, odds are it won't be comfortable.

    Sitting OK, walking OK, bending over to pick up something you may have some discomfort.

    Living in the DEEP SOUTH most clothing is light and cold weather only about 4 months out of the year so IWB works well. OWB can be tough to conceal with light clothing.

    IWB is my prefer carry method. I carry a Springfield XD9 SC.

    Try to experiment and try different methods and holsters before purchasing if possible, maybe someone you know uses IWB or a shop may let you try them out.

    Good Luck

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    It's supposed to be comforting not comfortable.
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  11. Depending upon how tight your pants are worn you may have to start wearing larger pants. The Super tucks and mini tucks will print when you bend over to pick up something or reach for something on a shelf in a store it may become exposed.

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