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Thread: One in the Chamber?

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    I was just raeding a review on Bud's where somebody ranted on about how utterly irresponsible it is to go around with a round chambered, yadayada, and that you have plenty of time to chamber one and would never need a gun anyway. I am not sure why he bought one in that case anyway.

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    That's one thing nice about the S&W 645 and others like it. With one in the chamber and the safety on, the gun is not cocked. And the hammer is blocked. Safety off and pull the trigger, cocks and fires. Next round is loaded and ready. Safety back on decocks the hammer and blocks a strike. Hammer is visible. And cockable if the safety is off.

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    I'm new to USA Carry so don't know how many times this has been asked. I understand why a person may not carry w/ a round chambered especially if kids are around or if the weapon could be picked my someone w/ no experience. However, I believe those issues are completely the gun owner's responsibility.

    I own a Springfield Armory XD Sub .40, a CZ 75 Police 9mm, and a Taurus Judge (which, while not very concealable, is my favorite pistol). All have rounds chambered. Personally, I make sure my weapons are secure, no one touches them but me, and the second it takes to chamber a round could be the last second of my life. I hope to never use my weapons to defend myself or family. But they are always ready should I be forced to do so.



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    I don't simply for purposes of avoiding a negligent / accidental discharge. I train around un-holstering, chamber-ing, and firing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brown_Lab_Ranch View Post
    I don't simply for purposes of avoiding a negligent / accidental discharge. I train around un-holstering, chamber-ing, and firing.
    Do you train around unholstering and chambering when the first thing the bad guy did was slice the hell out for your off hand?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Do you train around unholstering and chambering when the first thing the bad guy did was slice the hell out for your off hand?
    Strong hand behind the back is a common L.E and advanced manipulation drill. Assuming their support hand (or even strong) hand are disabled or do not have the dexterity to chamber a round for whatever reason, there are ways to effectively manipulate a Semi-Auto, provided you've had that training and/or thought about and practiced (dry and live) doing so.

    One handed with support hand I can draw, and fire taking only about .05 second more than strong handed. I can also load, chamber, and clear malfunctions 1 handed (weapon or support hand). It is definitely not preferred, nor efficient but it is possible.

    I carry chambered but it is possible...
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    If a threat has a knife and has somehow managed to get in close proximity, my focus should be on creating as much stand off distance as possible and then later evaluating my lapse in situational awareness. That said, there's no excuse to have to pull your side arm that quickly. If your keeping your head on a swivel in a threat positive environment, i.e. a bad guy is just running in the door of a mom and pop, use the natural concealment of your environment to establish stand off distance and threat ID and evaluation. It you're at the counter and he's got a weapon in your wheelhouse, that's probably not the time to be drawing that holstered sidearm. Live to fight another day. This topic can be "what if'd" to death.

  9. Having been a Concealed Carry permit holder in Alabama for many years, I decided - after much indecision- to chamber a round. It does, I believe, increase your burden of responsibility tremendously, but it also increases your chance of accomplishing your goal......that is being the one still standing once you have made the most frightening of all decisions.

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    I didn't when I first started carrying, but as I became more comfortable with my pistols and carrying them, I started putting a round in. I leave the Makarov and the Taurus 24/7 decocked since they work in double action mode, and the Kel-Tec P11 is double-action only. The trigger pulls are enough that there's little chance of an AD, and I prefer having it ready to go if it gets to the point that I need to use it.

  11. I always keep a round in the chamber. I can't imagine any incident where an attacker will give you the timely luxury of racking the slide. However, I always carry a Ruger, be it semi auto or revolver, and I feel they are one of the safest guns to carry this way. No accidental discharges.

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