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Thread: One in the Chamber?

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    Wink round in chamber

    I carry a xd 9mm it is safe with round in

  3. Very Interesting

    I've read through this thread real carefully... to be sure of what is actually being said.
    What I get is...
    Those who carry with a round chambered do so for basically three reasons.
    One is... To be ready. I have no problem with that. Isn't that why WE're carrying in the first place. In case.
    Number B... No time to rack. Huh? If you're one of the ones who are carrying, aren't you suppose to be looking around already? You know... that "To Be Ready" part already mentioned? Aware of your surroundings and going ons? If you're going to be that surprised that you don't have time, maybe you need to slow down a bit and become more aware. Go ahead now a scream the "how to's and whys" something can happen so quickly. Do you walk down dark alleys or between cars, or where you can't move? If you do... then take the time to get into the next stage of awareness beforehand. But then this is just my thoughts on the matter. Is the BG going to surprise you or are you thinking... something doesn't seem right.? You know... being aware.
    Item C... The weapon might malfunction... Wow! do you clean and take care of it? Do you use it? Hey... Why are you so worried that it might not work right but you know you will. That you will when you're just about to soil yourself. When you're going to act like Barney Fife. I know... training. Training is to get your mind and muscles to act in a certain way in a certain situation. So keep training and hope the "IT" happens as you have trained. Here's the page where you can check the 'training accidents' at Front Sight Training... Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Some of these guys are even LEO's... One with 10 yrs experience. You really think your weapon will malfunction if you rack a round before you do. Have you taken care of it? Practiced with it?
    Seems to me that most of the reasons that you carry with one is why you shouldn't be.
    Reasons not to have a round chambered... Safety
    This wasn't to make any one upset... it was to just make you think. I'm really glad that you're so good at what you do. I really hope you all stay safe and NEVER need to pull a weapon in anger or as a reaction to some threat.
    To those who think it will never happen to you (a ND) even though you have no idea how you will react to the SHTF, because you've trained... do not ever put down someone who thinks it could.
    Sorry this got so long... it was just to get you to think about your own self.
    Besides... the only one you need to convince in this argument is yourself. So what ever the reason you do or don't is up to you and only you. Why you do isn't why I do... or don't.
    Sometimes I do and Sometimes I don't. I let WHAT I THINK IS NEEDED AT THE TIME GUIDE ME and I pray I don't ever need to.


  4. My smoke detector has a good battery installed in it. I don't wait until I smell smoke to put the battery in and then hope that it works.

    To me, carrying a gun without a round in the chamber is like not putting gas in your car until the engine starts to sputter and counting on that you will be close enough to a gas station when it happens.

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    It's a matter of training. Get used to it and follow all safety rules. Stay awake.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    Old school says that is incorrect. Clip is any device in which ammo is kept ready to use in the gun that does not require loading each individualy for use. Def: Any of various devices for gripping or holding things together, A cartridge clip.

    Military term magazine is the place where loaded clips, powder, shells, torpedoes, missiles are stored. Def: A place where goods are stored, especially a building in a fort or a storeroom on a warship where ammunition is kept.
    This term and use far outdates what current users/writers mean and should always be preceeded by box, tubular, removable, or drum to be in correct use for the device used in a gun.

    So a person who uses the term clip to define the device holding the ammo for a 1911 or a M-16 is still correct.
    It appears as if you are correct and I was wrong.

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    I own a glock 23 (40 caliber) All three safties are in the trigger. I got more accurate by changing the barrel and magazine to a lonewolf (9 MM). But, I feel more safe and comfee WITHOUT a round in the chamber. Practice, practice, and practice some more on pulling your weapon out and racking the slide (like all in one motion), timing yourself and than without racking the slide do the same draw. If your like me, it isn't a whole lot of time your giving up for the safty of NOT carring one in the chamber. One more thing to consider, of all the times you are going to pull your weapon IN SELF DEFENSE, will the bad guy be focused on YOU, if NOT, the time it takes to rack the slide probably won't matter. If he is focused on you, not having a round in the chamber, could very well have been a mistake ON YOUR PART, the chose and responsibility fall to you, FEELING LUCKY??? Good luck in your decision. As for me I will not only stay without a round in the chamber, but, I am going to a pocket pistol 380 (9mm short). A smaller gun will allow for a 24/7, 365 day carry. I will have to give up a lot (distancefrom fight-accuracy), (caliber/penitration), amount of ammo in the weapon, etc, etc., but feel having a weapon on hand (even a small one) is better than having a bigger one AT HOME in the gun safe, when I need it.

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    I really don’t understand why people freak out over carrying one in the chamber. My carry gun stays loaded and it stays in the holster. From the time I put it on in the morning to the time I put it on my nightstand at night I don’t touch it unless I have to. That cuts my chances of a negligent discharge to almost zero.

    I maintain my weapons. I make sure they are cleaned and lubed in the 4 years I’ve owned my primary carry gun it has failed to feed exactly one time and thinking back that may have been a FTE. Either way the pistol is reliable.

    That said, I am a close personal acquaintance w/ Mr. Murphy and even if the odds that my weapon will malfunction when I try to chamber a round under duress are a million to one if I can cut them to zero by the simple expedient of chambering a round beforehand why shouldn’t I?

    For those that say “If you don’t have time to chamber a round your situational awareness isn’t up to par”. I want you to walk around chambering up and see how long it takes you to get MWAG’d. or you can take it from someone who’s actually had someone try to mug me he came out of hiding about 10 feet away from me, I didn’t see him until he stepped out. Try getting a round chambered that fast, I couldn’t
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name. Internet forum dedicated to second amendment

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    I believe the Israel Army requires NO ROUND in the chamber, obviously for safty and peace of mind, YOURS and MINE too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob & Wife View Post
    I believe the Israel Army requires NO ROUND in the chamber, obviously for safty and peace of mind, YOURS and MINE too!

    Israeli Carry
    Has absolutely nothing to do W/ the Iraelis "knowing what they're doing". It actually is the specific result of most of them NOT knowing what they were doing when the IDF was formed. They had a lot of different semiautos W/ different manuals of arms, and mostly fire arms illiterate troops. It was decided for safety to standardize condition 3 carry.

    FWIW the Israelis no longer carry w/ an empty chamber
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name. Internet forum dedicated to second amendment

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    Man, this "round in the chamber" thing is common sense guys. If you don't feel safe, then don't do it. Its like people ask this because they are trying to check to see if its OK or something.

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