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Thread: One in the Chamber?

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    Since the Israelis are reflexively brought up every time someone mentions carrying with an empty chamber, maybe we should look at why they carry (or carried) with an empty chamber.

    When the Israeli Defense Force was orginally formed back in the 40s, they were armed with whatever weapons they, as a nation, could quickly acquire. This meant that their pistols were a mish-mash of different designs. Some single action, some double action, some with safeties, some without. Many were not drop safe. Many did not have holsters.

    They needed one simple method to train a large number of people, many of them inexpereinced in the use of arms, regardless of what weapon they had. The result was to carry with the chamber empty and rack on the draw.
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    Geez fellows, I didn't realize that I would start such a firestorm just because I didn't want to blow my pecker off. I didn't realize there would be such reaction to the entry. I have had much training in weaponry and am very familiar with how accidents can and do happen. I do feel more comfortable carrying, for the most part, with an empty chamber. If I go into an area where this might be very foolish, I will definitely chamber a round. I know that a situation can arise anywhere but I am not prone to going places where an incident is more likely to occur. I love my Glock but I just haven't become all that comfortable with the trigger safety. I may eventually go back to a 1911 as a carry weapon since I have had so much more experience with it and would be more comfortable carrying a round chambered. Having said that, all the Glock owners on here will be down on my rear end! Can't win for losing!

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    NavyLt you need to put that picture of the girl with the two Auto's to show Oldgrunt how to carry his Guns.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    I just haven't become all that comfortable with the trigger safety.
    Every modern handgun has a trigger safety. You don't pull the trigger, the gun won't go off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    ... I love my Glock but I just haven't become all that comfortable with the trigger safety. ...
    When I first started carrying a Glock I did not chamber a round. I felt it too easy to grab it without thinking and let off a round.
    I only carried chambered after about 3 months. To train myself, I would pretend it was chambered and took note of how I picked it up and handled it every time. I also keep it holstered in an IWB that covers the trigger whether wearing it or not, and practiced unholstering and putting my finger on the trigger only when aimed at what I was going to shoot. Now it comes second nature - took about 3 months though.

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    This thread has been around but I went ahead and added a poll to it.

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    When I was new to carrying, I never carried in the chamber either. Now, I ALWAYS have one in the pipe. On my XD, I don't have a thumb safety, but I do have a grip safety, so there's virtually zero chance of an unintentional discharge unless both the trigger and grip safety are squeezed at the same time. My Ruger P95 I also carry this way, but with the safety off; since it has a hammer and the first trigger pull is double action (when the hammer is not cocked), again there's virtually zero chance of an unintentional discharge unless there is a long, deliberate pull of the trigger.
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  10. I carry a Makarov 9mm (made in Russia - great little shooter) fully loaded with one in the pipe, a S&W AIRWEIGHT 38 spl. fully loaded, and a SPRINGFIELD XDM 40sw fully loaded with one in the pipe and close at hand. When you go to a certain City (I wouldn't dare say what city - HOTLANTA - O,O,O, SORRY,THAT SLIPPED OUT!!!) you had better be prepared for a shootout at anytime. Having being a crime victem myself all I can say is: YOU HAD BETTER BE PREPARED TO PROTECT YOURSELF - DON'T DEPEND ON THE COPS!!!! - THERE MAY NOT BE A COP STANDING BESIDE YOU ALL THE TIME!!!



  11. I carry one in the chamber and its cocked and locked. 1911

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