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    For many years Jim Doyle Governor of Wisconsin has stated
    "If you want to carry a weapon in Wisconsin wear it on your hip"

    Nice in theory but not in action.

    Walking through my local Wal Mart and everywhere in my town I go I carry a fixed blade knife on my hip. The law here in Wisconsin is rather vague.
    It must be displayed and able to be recognized as a weapon by others,but if they contact Police and say they feel threatened by it the stuff hits the fan for the one using their option for open carry.

    With 2011 and a new Governor who has stated on the record many times he is in favor of a CCW law for Wisconsin residents gives us hope.

    I have contacted his office and am still waiting for an answer about when the law may be brought before the state so I can support them in every way possible.

    As one of the two remaining states where there is absolutely NO CCW rights for the citizens I am more than excited to do battle and raise the flag in victory when that law is repealed and a new one hits the books.

    Wisconsin has a huge hunting and sportsman population and the fact that we have been treated like criminals for so many years infuriates a large number of us.

    Cross your fingers USA Carry laws in Wisconsin may change in the next 12 months,and if it does I know I will have been part of the Governors team to institute this change.
    God bless America and support our rights to keep and bear arms!


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    I sure hope this works out for you guys. I know here in Michigan we are still feeling the growing pains of concealed carry. It's a slow process, but keep pushing.


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    yea us in Illinois are still royally screwed in any forms of carry...
    "Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it."
    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." (Winston Churchill).

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    Good luck in your CCW battle.

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    There are many of us working behind the scenes to help our legislators put together a good law to start with. It makes no sense having to go back and correct it latter. Constitutional carry with an optional permit is what I would like to see. You could even include training with the optional permit to make reciprocity possible with other states.
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    I'm a "states rights" guy but your Illinois (and Wisconsin) HEAVY anti-gun environment certainly gives the Central Federal Government folks some clout. Good luck to you all!

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