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  1. Big boy here. Does not look comfortable for my excess baggage and the baggage isn't going anywhere quickly.
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    I just watched the "How-To" video of the MIC holster. It will fit a certain niche of the CC crowd obviously. But...my personal take on it...
    1) Will not work for me...until I get a Glock. (Should stop here, but will continue with .02)
    2) I like the concept of it...String keeps gun from dropping down pants, holds holster secure to belt as you pull gun out for use.
    3) Uncomfortable (unusable) for "larger" patrons.
    4) Uncomfortable (unusable) in "active" situations...in and out of vehicle all day, in general..ANY physical activity will have your Glock rubbing/pinching you, possibly the wrong way?! Depends on the model being concealed.
    5) Just not sure about sticking a chambered Glock inside my pants pointed at groin. Adjusting is obvious...but to make it comfortable and usable, you still have it pointed at your groin/lower abdomen.
    6) I could see this being put to great use with anyone behind a register...business owner standing most of the day and quick/easy access.
    7) Definite sense of "oneness" with weapon.
    ok...now I'm just rambling...

    MHO...Try on as many variations of holsters as you can touch (dealers, gun shows, etc) and see what fits YOU best and for what type of CC you plan on.
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