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Thread: Iowa is now Shall Issue and accepts concealed carry permits from other States.

  1. Iowa concealed carry

    I have never been in Iowa but I know I would like them. They took a great step forward with their CCW laws. I live in North Carolina and we have not enacted the Castle Doctrine. The law passed the NC Senate by a landside in 2010 and went to the House Judiciary Committee. The Chairman, an anti gun, liberal, woman, lawyer allowed the bill to die in committee. I have heard some good reports and look forward to passage of the Castle Doctrine in 2011The latest election put North Carolina back on the board as a "RED" state.

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    This great as I live just across the Missouri and it was a big hassle to stop and put my HK in my portable gun safe...
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  4. I'm heading that way Friday morning. Also the first time I can legally cross the line with my pistol in the holster. I haven't heard how this affects some of the Iowa laws about the bunny cops' view of "loaded" firearms ie:having a loaded magazine and firearm together w/o a CCW license. I think my son is taking the course for his new CCW license Friday so I expect to hear some of the specifics when I see him after the class.

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    Traveling Through Iowa on Jan 1

    On January 1st, I left St. Louis on my way to Minneapolis. I've travelled those roads and that route often visiting my daughter. I crossed into Iowa about 11:20 AM and crossed into Minnesota at Highway 35 about 4:20 PM. I could just be the first person to legally carry north and south through Iowa!!!!


    By the way, stopped and filled the car AND had a nice lunch. It was quite nice!

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    So as far as I can tell...In IA you are only barred from carrying in city parks (odd), court houses, and schools. Of course the Post Office but that one is federal....

    I looks like I may see the "Minnesota" type signs banning weapons, but no issues at bars (not that I ever go), restaurants, etc????

    I do find the city parks ban odd...You are outdoors and generally spread out...

    But otherwise am I missing anything? I appreciate the help of anyone that has taken the course or has any books.

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