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  1. Thanks USA Carry

    I just want to publically thank USA Carry for infromation I got on your site. I have a CHL from Multnomah county, OR. and I just moved to Idaho. I called Multnomah county and ask if I would be able to keep my CHL as a non-resident and they said no only if I moved to WA state not ID. Then a few weeks later I got one of your regular e-mails, so I went to your site as I usually do to check a few forums for anything of interest and started looking at your maps for permits and such and checked out OR and you listed a section that said they may issue non resident for adjoining states. Now Idaho is an adjoining state to OR so I called and they said that was true but Multnomah county only issues to WA and I could transfer to a different county that was bordering ID. So I contacted the new county sheriff and it looks like I can either keep my old CHL by transferring or I might have to get a new one. Either way at least I will be able to have a non resident OR CHL.
    I would have never even known that I had this option if it hadn't been for you website. So thanks and keep up the good work.
    John Weaver
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