Concealed Carry in Wisconsin in 2011??
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Thread: Concealed Carry in Wisconsin in 2011??

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    Where to begin.

    Frustration,helpless,angered,insulted,forgotten and hopeless.
    Those are only a few of the words that come to mind as I consider my state laws here in Wisconsin.

    Fifty years of waiting. How can you express the way legislators deceive you and let you down time and again.
    We have a new Governor for the first time that elicits hope yet again to repeal our states draconian law.

    941.23 Type that number and do a search,it will show you the statute.

    That is what we "Cheese-heads" have been dealing with.
    If I go to the range to pop off a few hundred dollars of ammo I have to unload all weapons,keep the ammo separate as well as all firearms in separate containers,gun totes,or the such. Oh and all in the trunk of the vehicle so no person has access to it when in the vehicle.


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    Thumbs up CCW in 2011?

    As all here in this sort of forum know Wisconsin and Illinois are the only two states to have no kind of option for concealed carry.
    We have no option.... period. Our state requires a weapon to be worn on the hip in plain sight and be recognized as a weapon by any other citizen.

    We have been denied those rights given in the 2nd and 14th amendments . Our rights have been violated in these two states for so long it's just ridiculous. If I were to follow WI. state statute 941.23 it to the letter of the law in Wisconsin anywhere off my property "and not within 100 yards of another home" I could be arrested almost everywhere. Why would any solid citizen run that risk!

    Concealed carry is not a right in my state. I will fight the good fight as before I am writing to all my Representatives in Wisconsin and asking for repeal of 941.23 so we too Can carry like all the other Americans.
    Sorry for the rant but when you do not have your rights as laid out by The Bill of Rights for America you do miss them.


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    If you wouldn't mind signing a petition to the Governor please use this link to request a change in the law.

    Repeal Wisconsin Statute 941.23 Petition

    Thanks so much for your help and your understanding.


  5. try livening in wash dc

  6. Believe me, I totally understand your frustration, but you do have the option to open carry in WI. Illinois does not allow either conceal or open.

    Edit: More than happy to sign the petition!!!

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