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Thread: When can chambered round lead to A-D ?

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    I normally carry a DAO J-Frame (642 in pocket or 640 on belt.) I have not had one of those 1 1/2 pound "slick as butter" trigger pull jobs done, trigger is stock. I also have, and sometimes carry, a Glock 23. I had the NY trigger put in for safety purposes. Yes, it is not a "slick" target trigger but practice has made me quite proficient with it. The main thing is that it takes a very deliberate effort to fire the pistol.

    I have been nearly shot twice (USMC Retired) and both times by an external safety bearing 1911. Both times were due to operator error and not by the gun. I carried a loaded 1911 for thirty years and never had an ND.

    Lesson? External safeties do not guarantee protection against stupidity.

    I have watched far too many so called experienced CCW types take their weapons out of the holster with their finger on the trigger! Make a conscious effort to keep your finger "indexed " on the side of the gun and wear holsters that cover trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    By watching other people shoot themselves in the foot! ..... I am totally sorry, I just couldn't resist that one...
    Haha it's fine, I had a giggle myself! But that is true! i'm sure everybody at the range that day figured out it's a bad idea to have a gun pointed at your foot!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rocketboy View Post
    If you've ever seen, or done any training it always starts out with you having a firearm that is ready. That is, loaded, and cocked.
    Now that's not quite true. While the basic training courses work that way, more advanced ones deal with starting from all different gun conditions (loaded empty champer, magazine out of the gun, etc). I get the point you're trying to make, but I believe some clarification was in order.

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