State of Delaware resident wishing to carry in PA, MD & NJ
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Thread: State of Delaware resident wishing to carry in PA, MD & NJ

  1. State of Delaware resident wishing to carry in PA, MD & NJ

    I am a Delaware resident with a Delaware CCDW license and would like some info on the requirements, and easiest way to legally carry in my neighboring states. Thanks.

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    MD & NJ...may as well get those out of your mind right now. Even their own residents don't have those Rights.

    PA is much easier. Recommend you get a PA's cheap and easy...

    Your DE permit is not accepted in PA.

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    Like mrjam2jab said get a pa license it cost 26 dollars and fill out app and send in a copy of your ccw permit and photo id from your state its that easy

    The link above will take you

  5. op, how hard was it to get your DE permit? Did you run into any road blocks? Are you military or civilian? sorry for all of the questions. I am going to try and get my permit also. Thanks in advance for answers.

  6. New Jersey

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